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The health system is prepared, if there are concerns, to respond adequately with medicines, with vaccines and with the capacity of the health system. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Health prof. Ilko Getov on the possible increase in COVID cases in October, reported.

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Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) 32768

We would like to remind you that in an interview for bTV the Director of the National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases prof. Iva Hristova warned that in October the cases of coronavirus may increase. "We see the variability of the virus - new genetic mutations. The XBB.1.16 subvariant is already in Bulgaria," she said. Hristova explained that the vaccines that are now entering are based on XBB.1.5, and in our country there are its variants.

Prof. Ilko Getov explained that there is an increase in coronavirus cases, but whether there will be a new pandemic and a new wave of coronavirus - it can not be said, epidemiologists should say.

He assured that the health system is prepared for a new COVID wave and crisis response.

36 million people in the European region may have developed a long COVID-19

The Deputy Minister of Health also assured that at the current stage the health authorities do not provide for any restrictions such as indoor and outdoor masks, as well as the introduction of stricter measures.

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The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19)