The Moon is the fastest element of the horoscope and our night luminary, responsible for the sensual and emotional spheres. In the sign of the element of Fire, it contributes to the strengthening of temperament, passion, and the growth of physical and mental strength. In the period from September 28 to 30, many people become active and eccentric, not afraid of innovations. It should also be borne in mind that the emotional sphere suffers the most, many experience mood swings, it is difficult to control their condition, unreasonable anxiety appears, says astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova).

The Full Moon in Aries will be a time of favorable changes only for those who are not idle, who are ready to get out of their comfort zone and make efforts towards achieving the goal. Due to the desire to speed up the processes and get everything at once, it is important not to miss the lucky chances that the full moon in Aries gives. At this time, people feel a strong desire for new beginnings and changes in their lives, there is strength to start all over again.

Full moon days have a significant impact on a person's behavior and mood. This is a good time to improve your physical health, make important decisions, and take concrete actions. The Full Moon enhances spiritual and emotional activity, as well as influences needs, desires, and relationships. Close work on oneself, the process of finding oneself, one's true "I" will be effective.

The Full Moon in Aries is the most favorable period for the implementation of grandiose plans. Right now we can say that desires and opportunities coincide. You can safely take on ideas that were previously postponed. Moreover, there is an opportunity to show excellent results even in unfamiliar areas. Even those who thought they were losers will be able to improve their quality of life – the Full Moon in Aries is favorable and will give everyone the opportunity to feel better.

In the coming days before and after the full moon in Aries, it is not recommended to engage in extreme sports – the Moon is not against outdoor activities, but against unnecessary risk. Haste during this period is also forbidden – people become more active than usual, and do not even understand where and why they are in a hurry. This leads to errors and instead of one problem, several problems are obtained.

The Full Moon in Aries gives a feeling of spiritual uplift and a desire to move mountains - here lies a catch, because you can simply miscalculate your strength and fall from overwork. Changes in the professional sphere will be pleasant if you act systematically. This time can be used to find a part-time job or to move to another position. These days, the Moon will support people who are attracted not by the money itself, but by the ways in which it can be earned. It is better to act without risk - only sober calculation, careful preparation, and a little excitement that will push you in the right direction.

The Full Moon on September 29 will test the strength of partnerships and love unions. The best helper in personal and business relationships will be compromise. It is necessary to remember the golden mean more often and not to put any of the spheres of life in extreme conditions – there should be no excesses.

At the end of September and the beginning of October, you can awaken new talents in yourself, it is easier to make a good impression on influential people or patrons. But at the same time, we should not forget about past experience and work on mistakes. Contacts established at this time will be useful, there will be chances to have friends and like-minded people. However, the period does not pass without nervous breakdowns – this is a time of strangeness and misunderstandings, many plans undergo adjustments.

The Full Moon in Aries brings fears, doubts, and complexes to light. It is advisable to turn on standby mode, not to make serious plans if the base is not sufficiently prepared. And even more so not to get involved in any risky and dangerous adventures. This month, it is recommended to work on realizing the true purpose of your life, your purpose.

Mars is the ruler of the full moon in Aries. Until October 12, he moves in the sign of Libra, where he has the status of exile. Movement of this zodiac sign is relatively calm, the aggressive energy of the planet is minimal. But at the same time, many people feel emotionally uplifted, feel refreshed and energized, and are ready to move mountains. The problem is what to choose, what to do and bring to the result. After all, taking on several things at the same time, you can "burn out", and projects will remain unfinished.

Mars in Libra is in aspects with karmic Lunar Nodes and emphasizes the importance of the period from the full moon on September 29 to the new moon on October 14, which is a solar eclipse in Libra. The Eastern Lunar Node conjunct Mars shows what is coming, what cannot develop. With this aspect, warlike Mars has a balanced energy, which allows any acute conflict to be transferred to another channel and find a solution through diplomatic means. Patience is running out, emotions are overwhelming. Against the backdrop of such planetary interactions, there will be more and more talk about the need to negotiate and end the war. Moreover, Western leaders will very strongly recommend this and somewhere even put pressure on the leadership of Ukraine.

The Full Moon in Aries shows the value of partnership. It is important not to interfere with each other's plans, but as far as mutual interests can be taken into account without disputes. Arguing is not recommended, as well as taking the slightest failure too deeply. It's time to stop engaging in self-criticism, and then self-esteem will creep upwards. During this period, it is very important that there is a person nearby who will keep you from falling into a depressive abyss. Martian energy is enough to rake up the accumulated cases. You can try yourself in an activity that is different from your usual job.

The Full Moon along the axis of the Aries-Libra relationship (the central axis of the Zodiac) emphasizes the themes of partnership, cooperation, social and romantic connections. You should work on your relationship with your loved one and think about how to diversify your personal life. It's the best time to strengthen your communication skills, read literature, and talk to people who have already achieved success in any field. Short and long-distance trips, travel, change of scenery are useful.

The waning moon period (September 30 – October 13) is suitable for any actions and procedures aimed at improving one's appearance. It's time to sign up for a gym or swimming pool. You can also update your wardrobe, change your image. The faster the process of getting rid of everything unnecessary and superficial, the better.

The Full Moon in Aries symbolizes creativity, helps to identify leadership qualities, and teaches management. Under the influence of Aries and the planet Mars, organizational skills develop. During this period, there is a realization that it is time to gratefully let go of the old in order to create the new.