The seawater cooling hose replacement project of the "Yuanfang" air-conditioning system at Austin Road in Kowloon West suffered a fatal industrial accident last Saturday (23), resulting in the death of two workers. The male workers, Liu Haoxiang, 63, and Guo Gangji, 61, entered the pipeline work on Friday morning (22nd), and by the next day, that is, 21 hours later, they were found unconscious in the pipeline and died after being sent to hospital. The boss of the company "Shen's Creation" to which the two belonged was arrested in the early morning of today (27th).

"Hong Kong 01" obtained the structural diagram of the channel that caused the accident, it can be seen that the channel is divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower, the highest floor is equipped with a gate, and after entering is the storage warehouse and platform; At the end of the platform on this level, there is a staircase to the lower level to reach the middle level of the pipe. The middle floor can be roughly divided into two parts, of which the "Part A" near the stairs is about 2 meters away, which is the original working position of the two workers, and then the "Part B" is about 10 meters long and slopes downward, and the "Part B" has a staircase at the end of the stairs to reach the "Part C" of the lowest floor.

It is reported that the two workers were found in the same position near the stairs in "Part C", that is, about 100 meters away from the original working position, and fell one flight of stairs, and the two workers were only one hand away from each other. When rescuers reached the "Part C" at the bottom of the pipeline, they found about inches of water at the site, and biogas and other dangerous gases in the pipeline.

Hong Kong 01 obtained a structural diagram of the pipeline in the replacement of seawater cooling pipes of the "Yuanfang" air-conditioning system in Kowloon West caused an industrial accident that resulted in the death of two workers, showing that the two workers were buried about 100 metres away from their original working positions and descended one flight of stairs. (Hong Kong 01 Cartography)

Two workers, Lau Ho-cheung, 63, and Kwok Gangji, 61, entered the underground pipeline at 23 Austin Road West, West Kowloon at 10 a.m. last Saturday (1rd) to carry out the replacement of the seawater cooling pipe of the "Yuanfang" air-conditioning system. Later, at around 4pm, the project manager called another male staff member of "Shuai Jian" to check and the staff left when the pipe entrance and exit were locked.

▼Police and government laboratory officers returned to the scene of the crime on September 9 to collect evidence▼


The family found that they had not returned all night and contacted the company to find out. In the early morning of the next day, the family of the subject successfully contacted the boss of the second judgment "Shen's", and the other party went to the pipeline to find out, found the two subjects unconscious, and called the police in shock to expose the tragedy, but the boss of "Shen's" has been missing since reporting the case.

▼The detective returned to the crime scene on September 9 to collect evidence and then seized the evidence▼

The Police said at a press conference today that the arrest of 12-year-old Shen Gongtou in Tsim Sha Tsui District at about 62 am today was convicted of "failing to ensure the safety and health of employees", suspected of violating section 509 of the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance (Cap. 6) and punishable by imprisonment for two years and a fine of $1 million. In addition to the investigation in accordance with the occupational safety and health ordinance, criminal offences are the direction of the police's investigation, and if there is evidence, the possibility of prosecution in the direction of manslaughter will not be obliterated, "hoping that the deceased will be cleared."

▼Police and government laboratory officers returned to the scene of the crime on September 9 to collect evidence▼

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