In an industrial accident involving two deaths in the underground pipeline at 1 Austin Road West, West Kowloon, two plumbers, Lau Ho-cheung, 63, and Kwok Gang, 61, were killed by suspected hydrogen sulfide poisoning during the seawater cooling pipe replacement project of the air-conditioning system of the shopping mall of Yuanfang under the MTR and were only discovered the next day. After the families of the two deceased met with representatives of the MTR today (27th), both the Lau family and the Kwok family criticized the mercy plan proposed by the MTR for being insincere.
MTR replied to the Hong Kong 01 enquiry that the MTR Corporation met with the families of two deceased co-workers today to express their deep condolences and understand their needs, hoping to provide appropriate assistance, in order to solve the urgent needs of the families, the company can help the families coordinate contractors and other non-profit organizations to provide financial support to the families for emergency purposes, with the aim of taking care of the current needs of the families. At the same time, the company also proposed arrangements to assist family members in legal matters.


MTR also stated that the company attached great importance to the incident and had set up an investigation team to follow up in real time, including whether the contractor and its subcontractors violated the established safety system when carrying out the works, and to review the company's regulatory mechanism. The Company reiterates its full cooperation with the ongoing criminal and occupational safety and health investigations by the Police and other departments. During the meeting, the MTR Corporation also expressed its determination to fully cooperate with the investigation of the Police Major Crime Unit, so that the Police can complete the investigation as soon as possible and pursue responsibility according to law.

After meeting with MTR today, Lau Ho-cheung's son said that his dissatisfaction with the amount of MTR's compassionate favor was "completely sincere" and was not a proper plan, and neither family could accept the current plan, pending further discussion by MTR, and initially said that there would be a reply within this week. He pointed out that MTR offered to help and the two families would discuss the arrangement. He said that he did not have a reasonable amount of mercy in his mind, but hoped that it could help the future life of the two families, and the unfortunate accident had occurred, "I hope to solve it for two years and three years... Until the judgment is that there is a life assistance", and both families want to bury their father.

Kwok Gang Kee's daughter also believes that the compassionate arrangement is not sincere, pointing out that MTR should fulfill its responsibilities as a large company, saying that "the most important thing is that you can do what you do."

Two workers, Lau Ho-cheung, 63, and Kwok Gangji, 61, entered the underground pipeline at 23 Austin Road West, West Kowloon at 10 a.m. last Saturday (1rd) to carry out the replacement of the seawater cooling pipe of the "Yuanfang" air-conditioning system. Later, at around 4pm, the project manager called another male staff member of "Shuai Jian" to check and the staff left when the pipe entrance and exit were locked.

The family found that they had not returned all night and contacted the company to find out. In the early morning of the next day, the family of the deceased successfully contacted the boss of the second judgment "Shen's", and the other party went to the pipeline to find out, found two three people unconscious, and called the police in shock to expose the tragedy. "Shen" was missing after reporting the case until the police contacted him in the early hours of today (3th) and arrested him.

Dressin Industrial Accident|The families of the two deceased met with the MTR for a word Dissatisfied with the kindness and insincerity of the AustenJustin Industrial Accident|62-year-old arrested and sentenced to disappear after reporting the case Police: The project did have negligence in the project Costin Industrial Accident|Diving 3 Days The two deceased, directly under the surname Shen, the boss was arrested Dressin Industrial Accident|Police brought oxygen bottle ropes into the construction site to investigate Government laboratory personnel attended the scene of the Costin Industrial Accident|Sun Yuhan said that the judgment will be pursued: will not even be judged away, today must see 8 minutes|Dressin Industrial accident internal affairs exposed|Tuen Mun parking lot set fire to 35 carsDressin Industrial accident inside|The deceased's 10-meter clean water pipe was <> meters away from the bizarre lying <> meters away, and the direct boss was missing

The plumber in the West Nine Territory was trapped overnight in the channel and suspected of hydrogen sulfide poisoning


Unexpected timing table:

September 9, 23:07 The two deceased, 00-year-old Liu Haoxiang and 63-year-old Guo Gangji, went to work.

September 9, 23:10 The two deceased entered the pipe to work, and the news said that their job was to clean the water from the water pipe within 00 meters of the gate.

At 9:23 on September 16, the project manager of the judgment "Shuai Jian" inspected the management, saw no trace of the two deceased, notified the second judgment Shen Shi (that is, the direct person in charge of the deceased) to contact the two, and received a reply indicating that it would be dealt with, and the engineering manager left.

9:23 on September 17rd, the project manager of "Shuai Jian" informed his staff to go to the pipeline to search for people, and the staff found that the gate was locked and left.

September 9, 23:18 The two deceased were scheduled to leave work at this time.

September 9, 23:23 Guo's daughter found that her father had not returned home and tried to contact the deceased, but could not find it.

September 9th, 24:06 Guo's wife said that her daughter successfully found the phone number of her husband's co-worker and then found her boss, Shen. The boss said to check the site and told Mrs. Guo not to call the police.

September 9th, 24:07 The engineers burst open the locked pipeline gate, and found two unconscious dead people 14 meters away from the gate, so they called the police.

September 9, 24:07 The fire department received the report, arrived at the scene 33 minutes later, rescued the two and sent them to the hospital, but eventually died.