You must have seen a lot of chess lovers, but you may not have seen this 10-year-old chess lover girl who recently made headlines. Seeing this girl's passion for chess, you will also be forced to press your finger under the teeth. Because of this love of chess, today this girl is attracting everyone's attention. Actually, this girl's name is Punithamlar Rajasekhar, who is from Malaysia, who recently blindfolded her eyes and laid the chess bed with great accuracy in just 45.72 seconds. Due to this talent, the name of Punithamalar Rajasekhar has been recorded in the Guinness World Record.

It is being told that during a program in the school premises of Punithamlar, he laid the chess board in an instant on the strength of his talent. During this time, Punethamlar's parents and teachers as well as the school management witnessed the record-setting of the chess cross board.

"My father is my coach and we play together almost every day," Punithamlar Rajasekhar told Guinness World Records. 10-year-old Punithamlar Rajasekhar revealed that he got the idea of attempting to set a world record after watching a documentary highlighting extraordinary achievements.

Highlighting the record-breaking achievement, Punithamlar Rajasekhar said that chess has had a profound impact on her life, which makes her feel very proud. Not only this, Punithamlar Rajasekhar has expressed his desire to work to inspire others as well. "I was also inspired to see people challenging themselves to achieve incredible feats. I was particularly impressed with the idea of people setting personal goals and pushing themselves beyond their limits and I found the way to do so in an effort to set a world record."

Punethamlar said that for this, he first participated in various programs like Kids Got Talent. According to Punithamlar, his father suggested focusing on the goal, after which I along with my family decided to try to break the record. Not only this, Punithamlar studied the videos of previous record holders to understand the technique and strategies.

For your information, let us know that Punithamalar Rajasekhar has been awarded asia's outstanding child award for the year 2022-2023. Apart from this, Punithamlar has showcased her talent in shows like Malaysia's Kids Got Talent. Punethamlar Rajasekhar wants to become a space scientist in the future.