At 27:1 pm today (06th), the Police received a report from staff of Princess Margaret Hospital that a 3-year-old girl was unwell and suspected of ingesting dangerous drugs. Police officers were reported to the scene and, after preliminary investigation, believed that the girl accidentally ingested suspected dangerous drugs at a residential flat in Tung Chung District. The case, which was listed as "abuse or neglect of a child or juvenile in custody", was temporarily referred to the Second Unit of the Crime Investigation Unit of Sham Shui Po District for follow-up and no arrests were made. It is understood that the 3-year-old girl is suspected of ingesting methamphetamine. The girl is currently awake and in hospital at Margaret Hospital.

A 3-year-old girl suspected of taking meth by mistake was admitted to Margaret Hospital. (Photo by Lin Zhenhua)

This is the second time in about three months that a child has taken drugs by mistake. In June this year, a pair of young sisters, aged 3 and 6, were in a coma after being suspected of being accidentally fed cannabis candy possessed by their father by their cousin at their home in Tin Shui Wai, but recovered after treatment. The father and cousin of the two girls were arrested separately, with the father charged with drug possession and ill-treatment or neglect of a child or juvenile in his care, and the cousin was released on bail pending investigation.

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