When an actor called Shah Rukh Khan a nonsense actor

New Delhi:

Shah Rukh Khan has given two blockbuster films so far this year. After Pathan, now the young man is also breaking records. Shah Rukh Khan's presence in the film is enough to bring the audience to the theaters, but not only because he is a great artist but also a very good person. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan are also aware of how humble Shah Rukh is. Some time ago, actor Gulshan Devaiah also told during an interview why Shah Rukh Khan is a superstar. Actually, his humility is also a big reason for this. He also narrated an interesting story related to it.

Shah Rukh told the truth

Gulshan Devaiah told during a recent interview that once Anurag Kashyap told him about this incident, when a troll came on the mouth and said bad things to Shah Rukh Khan and tried to provoke him, so that he could provoke and say something. The troll told Shah Rukh Khan that 'man, what an actor you are, you are a nonsense actor, you don't know anything, learn from them' (Anurag Kashyap).

Shah Rukh khan is very calm.

Shah Rukh Khan did not respond to this talk of trolls and remained absolutely cool. "They are great people, they know how to handle such people, how to handle the world. He knows how to meet people, that's why he is such a big star today. Gulshan also spoke about Shah Rukh Khan's first meeting with him and said that meeting Shah Rukh shows how humble and simple he is. He met at an award show and then invited him to his house party.