The team of "Walk of Fame" marked the beginning of the new series of Nova TV with a gala premiere. The modern family series is another proof of the long-term commitment of Nova Broadcasting Group to invest in quality film content and to actively participate in the development of the film industry in Bulgaria.

Part of the premiere in Sofia cinema were the actors from the modern family series – Radina Borshosh, Mak Marinov, Deyan Donkov, Svejen Mladenov, Margita Gosheva, Irini Jambonas, Borislav Chuchkov, Sara Draguleva, Yordan Rusin, Maria Sotirova, Yasen Atanasov, Vasil Vitanov, Alexander Evgeniev, Boryana Manoilova. They walked the red carpet together with director Victor Chuchkov, screenwriter Borislav Zahariev, executive producer Svetlin Neynsky and the entire technical team of the production.

Filming of a new Bulgarian series has begun.

In the "Walk of Fame" we try to penetrate behind the scenes of culinary and tell what is happening in this world we know from afar. I hope that the series will be very interesting for viewers, commented Victor Chuchkov.

Actors Radina Borshosh and Mac Marinov said that the embodiment of chefs was a real challenge for them.

"When I read the script, I realized that it would be difficult for me to play Ali and present her professional meticulousness, ambition and talent. She is vulnerable and sometimes hesitant, has a special character," Radina Borshosh said of her character.

I trusted this project because of the good script and I am very happy with this fact. In addition to cooking, we had many other dynamic and interesting moments. During the filming, you live with the whole team and they become your family. I have a lot of good memories, adds Mac Marinov, in the role of Milen.

The other key image is that of one of the best chefs in Bulgaria – Chef Lagadinov. Deyan Donkov will be incarnated in it.

"My image in this series is delicious to reproduce. The main ingredient with which to work in the field of any art is love, "said the actor from the National Theater.