Skin care routine for working women: How working women can maintain a glow on the skin.

Skin Care Tips: If the skin is not taken care of properly, the skin starts looking lifeless and dry. It seems as if the skin has lost its glow somewhere. To get back this lost beauty, women spend a lot of money in the parlor every month. But, you can maintain the glow of your skin with an easy skin care routine. With this, you will not have to empty the pocket in the parlor and your skin will look glowing skin every day, not a few days a month.

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How working women take care of their skin

Along with sunlight, dust and pollution, stress also affects the skin of working women. Fatigue of the day also starts appearing on the face and lack of sleep also causes lifeless skin. Some very easy home remedies help to take care of the skin.

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Cleanse the skin

It is very important to cleanse the skin in the morning and evening or clean it well with face wash. If the skin is not cleaned properly, dead skin cells begin to accumulate, which take away the skin's glow.

Scrub is necessary

Scrubbing once a week has a very good effect on the skin. The scrub exfoliates the skin, removes dirt and dead skin on the skin, so that the skin absorbs skin care products better.


You are also exposed to the bright light of the office and the sun also gets on the face 3 to 4 times a day, so it is very important to apply sunscreen. Not applying sunscreen also causes tanning and premature freckles also appear on the forehead and cheeks. That's why it is very important to apply sunscreen.

Face Pack

Once a week, make a face pack at home and apply it yourself. Making face packs is not very difficult. You can make amazing face packs in a few minutes and apply them. Multani mitti can also be applied on the face by mixing rose water, adding honey to yogurt, adding turmeric to milk or grinding neem. This removes many skin problems.

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