The Minister of Health Hristo HinkovProf. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister of Medicine together with Deputy Minister Ilko Getov and the Director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency Bogdan Kirilov. Master of Pharmacy Bogdan Kirilov graduated pharmacy at the Medical University - Sofia, as well as will meet with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry to examine the current challenges to the supply of medicines in Bulgaria.

The discussion forum comes just a day after the Union of Pharmacists announced that they offer patients to be able to choose in which pharmacy to receive their prescribed medication.

Thus, with the signing of a declaration to the pharmacist, information about the requested quantities of medicines will be submitted to the warehouses every month and they will be delivered as close as possible to the patients.

Bogdan Kirilov

Hristo Hinkov