Actress eats half an apple on the set, auctioned for millions after theft

New Delhi:

Silk Smitha... A name in the South film industry that lived in every heart. If you have not been able to identify it, then let us know that Vidya Bal has played the role of Silk Smitha in the 2011 Bollywood film 'The Dirty Picture'. Silk Smitha's entire life has been full of difficulties and troubles. Her real name was Vijayalakshmi. He is also known as South Siren. Most of his life has been shown in 'The Dirty Picture', but there is one incident that has been very much discussed. In fact, once an apple cut by Silk Smitha was stolen from the set and it was auctioned at a good price. Let's tell you the whole story.

Half eaten apple was stolen from the set

According to reports, there was a time when Silk Smitha was shooting for a film. Then during the break, he cut an apple to eat and was immediately called for a shot. She kept the half-chopped apple there and went for the shoot. Then a person present on the set noticed his half-eaten apple and he stole it and ran away.

Half of apples auctioned for millions

After this, when this apple was put in the auction, its bid was in lakhs. However, there are different claims about this. Some people say that the chopped apple was auctioned for Rs 2. While some people claim that it was auctioned for around Rs 200. Some reports have also claimed that this harvested apple was sold for Rs 26,000 or Rs 1 lakh. Although there is no official confirmation of this news, the actress's cut apple made a lot of headlines.

In the 80s, Silk Smitha ruled the hearts

Apart from Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Silk Smitha has worked in films in Hindi and many other languages. He also did many films with big superstars like Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan. Silk Smitha's stardom in the 80s was amazing but there have been a lot of problems in her personal life. Born in a Telugu family, Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati earned a lot of name in her first film 'Vandichakkaram' and later became famous as Silk Smitha.

Silk Smitha committed suicide at the age of 35

It is said that Silk Smitha was married to a doctor. He invested all his earnings in film production but the film failed and on September 23, 1996, Silk Smitha committed suicide at just 35 years. His body was found hanging in a hotel room. It is also claimed that Silk Smitha was in depression after financial problems and failed in many relationships. It was also reported that the police had found a suicide note, which said that Silk Smitha was not happy with her personal life.