Canada Amusement Park Ride Malfunctions: Most people around the world like to enjoy big rides while swinging and swinging, but sometimes this fun proves to be very scary for some people. Recently, a similar case is shocking people on social media these days. It is being told that a swing full of people hung upside down in the air for about 30 minutes during the ride. During this time, the condition of children and adults sitting in it became very bad.

According to a report by Global News, tourists at an amusement park in Canada were stuck upside down for about 30 minutes after their ride malfunctioned. The incident took place at 10.40 p.m. on Saturday at the Wonderland amusement park in Vaughan. In a statement by the Canadian outlet, Wonderland Amusement Park said the Lumberjack ride "turned upside down with people."

"Two guests complained of chest pain and were taken to the park's health centre before being allowed to leave without medical assistance," Global News quoted park officials as saying.