Woman brings home dreaded animal thinking it to be a kitten, turns out to be black panther

A Russian woman spotted a black panther baby stranded on the side of the road and saved it thinking it was a pet cat. She took him home and raised him, but as he grew up, he realised it was a leopard. The video of the leopard being rescued and taken care of went viral on social media, showing a deep love relationship between the woman and her pet dog.

The video begins with the moment the woman finds the leopard and brings it home for care. As it grows up, he realizes that the animal is actually a black panther. The video also highlights the special bond between the woman, the panther and her dog.

This adorable video was posted by user @factmayor on Instagram and was originally uploaded by @luna_the_pantera. It was shared on September 21.

Watch the video:

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Since being shared, it has garnered over 9.1 million views and over 14 lakh likes, along with a plethora of comments from people. One user commented, "Thank God it was raised with a dog; It learnt the 'Good Boy' protocol."

The third user posted, "Blessings to you for making Luna bigger. The fourth user joked, "Imagine entering a house, thinking that you might find the worst guard dog, and then you encounter a leopard.