RUKWA; Nkasi.The collaborative project for the protection of fisheries resources in Lake Tanganyika implemented by the TNC Institute has handed over to the Nkasi District government, Rukwa region four patrol boats worth Sh200 million for the protection of fishing resources in the lake.

The boats have been handed over to the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Fisheries and Fisheries, Professor Riziki Shemdoe on behalf of the council, with the aim of controlling illegal fishing, protecting, breeding fish, increasing fishing crops, increasing the income of fishing stakeholders and increasing government revenues.

The project director, Peter Limbu, said that in addition to this, the project hopes to spend Sh230 million to train the protection and resilience of the Pasiansi in Mwanza, 50 young people from the Lake Coast Fisheries Resources (BMU) protection groups, who will be in charge of the programme.

Receiving the boats, Prof. Shemdoe said that the government is committed to using the fishing sector as one of the areas that will make a significant contribution to GDP, so the TNC support is fulfilling the government's goals to achieve.

He thanked TNC for the support, urging Nkasi District Council and the Lake Tanganyika Fisheries Protection Groups to use the boats for the intended purpose of protecting the resources and increasing the fishing yields from Lake Tanganyika.

For his part, BMU M Kinga Chairman Abdallah Moshi said the boats would be of great help to them in preventing illegal fishing, protecting fish crops and increasing fishing yields significantly.