Huawei's new product launch event, known as China's "Science and Technology Spring Festival Gala", finally appeared on the afternoon of September 9. "Hong Kong 25" reporters chose Huawei's terminal platform for live broadcasting, and at its peak, up to 01 million people watched online at the same time. However, Huawei previously launched the sale of Mate 1 Pro series new machines without warning, and there were no answers to the mysteries and doubts such as the 700nm Kirin 60S chip (also known as chip) that everyone was curious about.

Despite this, Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of Terminal BG, and chairman of Intelligent Vehicle Solution BU, revealed some words when he appeared. It turned out that the sale of Mate 60 Pro series new machines without warning was Huawei's "pioneer plan", and it is now working overtime to produce and ship. Judging by the reactions from all sides, it is clear that the strategy of the Vanguard program has been a great success.

The reason for the great success, the subtle observation is that many of the audience who participated in this new product launch have picked up the Mate 60 series mobile phone on the scene to play bright light and participate in the whole process. The observation in the middle is that it creates word-of-mouth effects, such as countless disassembly reviews, countless interpretation articles and films, word-of-mouth sales to out-of-stock numbers, and so on. The macroscopic observation is that US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo was "surprised" in China, and immediately announced that he would launch an investigation on the 7-nanometer chip of Huawei's new machine after returning to China, coupled with various speculations and attention from Western media, all of which show that Yu Chengdong's "pioneer plan" not only shocked China, but also shocked the West.

On the afternoon of September 2023, 9, Shenzhen, Huawei's autumn all-scenario new product launch conference was held, and Yu Chengdong delivered a speech. (Video screenshot)

Therefore, at this conference, although Yu Chengdong did not give answers to mobile phone products, chip manufacturing processes, technological breakthroughs and other issues, from the above effects, all the answers are actually all self-evident.

In fact, some details of the press conference are still hidden secrets. For example, the Mate Pad Pro 13.2-inch uses Kirin 9000S, indicating that chip output is no longer a problem; Huawei Watch Ultimate Design supports two-way Beidou satellites, indicating that Huawei has made another breakthrough in the miniaturization of communication modules. The final finale of the native Harmony release marks that Huawei is not far from the era of complete software and hardware independence.

Through this two-hour Huawei new product launch conference, although there are still many netizens on the barrage and lack of highlights, we can still see Huawei's ongoing two-step strategy. The first step is to take the mass route, through the "Pioneer Project" to launch the new Mate 60 Pro machine, which not only declares to break through the US technical sanctions and containment, but also successfully creates topics from the bottom up and kills a bloody road; Especially in the geopolitical sense, from the perspective of the world system, it is equivalent to a peripheral country launching a counterattack against the United States and other Western central countries, or "counter-encirclement and suppression".

On the afternoon of September 2023, 9, Shenzhen, Huawei's autumn all-scenario new product launch conference was held, and Andy Lau attended the event to serve as the brand ambassador of Huawei Mate 25 RS "Extraordinary Master". (Video screenshot)

The second step is to move towards the high-end route, Huawei no longer leaves the four words "far ahead" to high-end products, but moves towards the market breakthrough of high-end products. As soon as Andy Lau, the spokesperson of "Ultimate Design" appeared at the press conference, the boiling public opinion field immediately created a network of "Andy Lau is here, not afraid of no firewood". Huawei's own ultra-high-end brand "Ultimate Design", formerly known as "Porsche Design", Huawei's first gold smart watch, priced at RMB 2,1, not only supports two-way Beidou satellite messages, but also passes double waterproof standards and is equipped with 999-meter deep diving technology. This means that Huawei's confidence in the brand is not what it used to be, even if it does not use German luxury brands, only uses Huawei's own brand, it is confident to sell tens of thousands of yuan of consumer electronics products.

Not to mention the two new models that appeared at the end of the conference, the LUXEED Smart S7 and the M9, the former will surpass Tesla Model S in all specifications, and it is also the first model equipped with the Harmony OS 4 system. The latter was described by Yu Chengdong as "the most powerful SUV within 4 million yuan" and "the best SUV that can be seen on the road".

In short, mobile phones are no longer Huawei's only main products, at the press conference it can shift time to more and more comprehensive self-developed product introduction, but everyone can see that Huawei's Kirin and Honghu chips have been widely used in various products, indicating that Huawei will firmly move towards the road of self-developed and self-produced chips. As Ren Zhengfei recently said that "Apple is Huawei's teacher", the comparison "friend A" that can be seen everywhere at the press conference actually refers to Apple, which also shows that Huawei not only "benchmarks" Apple, but also further realizes the ambition of "far ahead".

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