Trying to stop jeep by driving scissors, users ask questions

New Delhi:

Whether the hero is from Hindi film industry or any other industry. Fans always expect him to be perfect in everything. He will also save the heroine's life from a field full of villains. He will also run the bike with full swag. And will also ride an open four-wheeler with full style. If one of these tasks fails, then the doubt starts happening only when the hero is a hero. Now on screen, the hero never makes such a mistake. But behind the scene hero also has to deal with all kinds of situations. And, when such videos go viral, the hero becomes a joke. Something similar happened with this hero too. If you also lose a laugh after watching the video, then nothing will be surprising.

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Attempt to stop jeep by driving scissors

Haryanvi actress Pooja Hooda has shared a video on her Instagram account. In this video, she is sitting in an open jeep with actor and singer Pradeep Boora. Pradeep Boora is seen driving that jeep with full swag. After reaching a point, Pradeep Bura stops the jeep and gets off the jeep. But the jeep was not ready to come under the control of this Haryanvi star. As soon as Pradeep Boora puts one foot down, the jeep starts moving forward. Pooja Hooda is seen riding in that jeep. Pradeep Bura tries to stop the jeep running uncontrollably with one foot. In this round, they also have to drive scissors. While sharing the video, Pooja Hooda has written that she survived while shooting. There is so much hard work. Look you lost consciousness. In an attempt to save my brother.

Users asked questions

Seeing this funny video, users are also asking the same question that how will you become a hero like this? A user questioned what is necessary when you do not know how to drive. One user wrote that this hard work is not stupid. This video shared from Pooja Hooda's account has received more than 7 lakh 90 thousand hits so far.