Some houseplants can not only beautify the interior, but also provide many benefits, such as helping to remove mold and condensation. There are also plants that have a beneficial effect on our health.

Gardening enthusiast Andrew White revealed which plants improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and help improve air quality.


Three Houseplants That Will Boost Your Health / Photo: Credits

Having plants in your bedroom can improve air quality by absorbing and filtering carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Improving air quality not only affects the respiratory system, but also deepens sleep and reduces stress.
Lavender helps us sleep better and lifts our mood. Floral scents like lavender help you feel happier and can have a calming effect. Lavender helps you alleviate anxious feelings, which allows you to sleep better, thus improving the immune system.


Three Houseplants That Will Boost Your Health / Photo: Credits

Another plant that Andrew recommended for the bedroom is chlorophytum. This beautiful plant is an extremely effective air purifier.


Three Houseplants That Will Boost Your Health

Spathiphyllum will also be a welcome guest in your bedroom, as it is excellent at coping with oxygen production and air purification.

Where to place plants in the bedroom

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There are several new ways to place houseplants in the bedroom. You can grow flowers in large pots near windows, or you can place flowers in hanging baskets.

Hanging plant pots can free up space on floors and surfaces, at the same time they will receive the necessary level of sunlight every day.

Just make sure you hang your houseplants away from places you'll be moving through frequently, and personal circumstances should always be taken into account. For example, if you are allergic and prone to hay fever attacks, keeping plants in the bedroom may not be the best solution, as they can cause a reaction.