Everyone has an aunt like that. Either uncle or swako. And this aunt has Facebook, that's where it all goes. Your aunt watches things in the face, clicking on links like it's the last, especially if she writes something IN CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY AND FIVE AMAZING ONES AFTER!!!! ... She can't judge exactly what she's looking at, where she comes from, is it propaganda material, is it fake, is it a collage. This does not mean that your aunt is a simple person, but it means that there are no reflexes for clean surfing the Internet, because... Where to get them? She's used to it that if she writes it, it's true. Here it is, it has pictures... If it looks like an article, it's an article. This is written in a commentary published by "Bulgaria Boulevard" by the poet Ivan Landzhev.

Your aunt watches this article, reads and gets angry – but she is genuinely angry. And when you say to her, "Aunt, you don't understand, it's not true," she murmurs, "What's not true, when I react sincerely!? And I see it, don't I?"

And so, damn it, she reacted very sincerely. And he sees it, right? Not anywhere – he sees it in the face.

The reason for her feelings may be absolute fake, lying, conspiracy theory, chemtrails... But her feelings are sincere. And how to understand each other?


Your aunt's face goes in a standard package – anti-gay rights, anti-vaccines, conspiracy theories that there was no Covid (however, there are one hundred percent chemtrails), blasphemies against the EU for "stealing Bulgaria", blasphemies against the "collective West", praises to Putin (with your uncle there are more) and... It is known... Soc nostalgia. It was better, nothing to lie. Your aunt doesn't feel like it wasn't better in socialism, just that she was younger. And weaker.

Whole generations confused their personal biography with national history. And they gave their youthful memories the burden of proof that they lived in political bloom. And they were just younger. And weaker. And stronger at the same time. Now they are not – and this is the fault of the European Union.


Your personal sexual heyday can coincide with national political decline. This seems to continue to be misunderstood and leads to parody distorted notions of the past.


Soros stole your aunt's youth.

Your uncle got drunk because of Biden.

Swako used to be in a sports school, and now he has released tripe because of von der Leyen.

Only Putin supports them.


In short, this is how the whole problem of faces, uncles and aunts unfolds.

The only difference with Milena is that Milena is the aunt of the whole of Bulgaria. It becomes a national scandal.


In the infamous statuses Milena writes that she is "suffocating already" by the "parade" of "various perverts". And again she is sincere – she suffocates because that's all she watches all day. Not on the street, she didn't see anything like that, of course. But on the net, on the net...

The result is that then, when she goes out into the street, she already lives in such a world. Look up at the sky – chemtrails. Look at one sidewalk – hordes of gays and Ukrainians. Look at the other sidewalk – there Ukrainians and gays. And they all want to destroy Bulgaria. And she's suffocating...

Your aunt has fallen into one of Facebook's many rabbit holes, and from morning till night she reads about biolabs and HAARP, how Americans didn't land on the moon, and how gays are taking over the world.

Well, how can he not suffocate?


And just as generations have confused their youthful exploits for nationwide prosperity, large groups of people now confuse liberality with stupidity.

It's very nice to say, "I'm a rebel and I dare to ask questions." And the next moment it turns out that all the questions you dare to ask are about chemtrails, "plandemia" and the "staged" landing on the moon. Rebellion, courage!


Seriously, do these people realize that 12 people have walked on the moon? There are a total of 6 successful missions, not only the first. But let's not be petty.


Perhaps the greatest victory of propaganda is this—that it managed to present ignorance of rebellion. At the moment it is full of people who really believe in their heart that when they say "I am against gays" or "No one has landed on the moon", this brings them closer to Levski and Botev...

According to this new ethic, dying heroically for your homeland and writing stupidities in the face while lying on the couch is pretty much the same.



Please note to which cases the noble definition of "fight for freedom of speech" has recently been attached – Milena, who simply tells herself that she will not look at gay people (as if gay people need Milena's benevolence?!) ... She is a fighter for freedom of speech. Vezhdi Rashidov also – a great martyr of kensella! They cut an eighteen-year-old girl with a mock knife, and his natural, casual reaction was to start exposing her... Not the bullies, but the whores!

Milena Slavova: Jana Bergendorff is lesbian

That's called timing.

And why doesn't anyone ask him, "Who are these whores in this case, Mr. Rashidov?" Raped themselves? Does Deborah mean? Or is he just talking about it? Or maybe he means's ex (again from the good old youth years), which he admitted himself on air (!) that he shaved her like an animal?

Who exactly are these whores, really... What is Vezhdi Rashidov talking about, with very real, not feigned, not fake victims of violence?


The microphone – enemy number one of the multash settlement system!

Not to mention the face...


The situation is "Write Kensell culture and let's go".

Cultureless people are dying to talk about all sorts of "cultures." This is on the old principle, you know it – whoever does not have a personal culture usually starts talking to you about a "common culture".

Recently, mastitis analysts have been reluctant to repeat that Deborah was mostly a victim of the "chalga culture".

However, I think that Deborah is mostly a victim of Georgi from Stara Zagora.


Milena Slavova is a punk icon of Bulgaria. Now, in otherwise righteous anger at her homophobic statements, some are trying to deny her musical contribution. That's stupid, don't do it. Let's just agree that Milena Slavova is a Bulgarian punk icon who is currently talking scary nonsense. Both are possible at the same time.


I am sad that Milena wanted to patch the sky with love before she started looking for chemtrails in it.

Milena Slavova: I have not offended anyone, a group of people have somehow recognized myself in my words


I am sad that as long as this whole thing lasts – and petitions, and protests, and statuses, and scandals – not a single person has been found to say to Milena:

Gay people are just as many people as heterosexual people. And that's why they have to have exactly, but just as many rights. And it's just that simple.

No one told her that.


Instead, a media tour of shows and podcasts began, in which they praise the socialist because it is great, and they scare everyone that this is now the "new socialist" and we have to fight against the new socialist system. Do you understand that? It is a little twisted: so, you sigh and yearn for communism and present yourself as a fighter against the "new communism", which is the same as the old one and therefore we should never allow it...

Hey, I call it rape of logic — public, demonstrative rape.


Last for kensell culture, because I know you don't remember it anymore, it's important.

In 2016, Vezhdi Rashidov – the great martyr of kensella, then acting minister of culture – sent an angry letter to BNT. In it, he "advised" the journalist Georgi Angelov how to behave and what not to say on air. But literally – you just told him so and so, explain to the presenter how to lead and what to ask. Do you understand what this is about?

Do you realize how disgusting this is and what exactly it tells us about free speech?

Does such an act actually deserve thousands of protests? Let me make the following radical point to the end – freedom of speech is more important and a bigger thing than your aunt uploading fakes. And freedom of speech is more important and dignified than a former minister spitting on victims of violence. Of course we have to protect her.


The poet Ivan Landzhev

Ivan Landzhev

kensell culture