Otherwise you will be killed... Father was not allowed to watch the film, son wrote a threatening letter

Joel Berry, managing director of satirical platform The Babylon Bee, has shared a heartwarming social media post that has garnered 2.7 million views. The tweet contained a letter with a funny but slightly dangerous message. It was titled, "Joel Berry is a very important letter, open immediately."

Upon opening the letter, the message read: "Dear Joel Berry, for your children, you should let them see Iron Man tonight." "FROM: GOVORMET (FROM THE GOVERNMENT)."

A mailman who looked suspiciously like my 8-year-old put this in my mailbox this morning pic.twitter.com/0h8vxCIj3m

— Joel Berry (@JoelWBerry) September 23, 2023

What was interesting about the post was the manner in which the letter was delivered and the handwriting, which looked like a child. Joel jokingly commented in his tweet caption, "A mailman who suspiciously looked like my 8-year-old child put it in my mailbox this morning."

The tweet evoked a sharp reaction on Twitter with users expressing their reactions. Joel further said in his comment, "There is a tussle between letting them see it and teaching them an important lesson about how we don't follow an illegal government order in this house."

Some users found it dear and funny, with comments like, "Very cute and hilarious; Others actually asked about the outcome, "Did you let them see him?"

For all those viewers who were worried about whether Chhote Jhank finally got to see his film, Joel shared a picture of the ongoing film and shared in his comment, "Sarkar won this round."

The decision to surrender was appreciated by many, with one user writing, "Wise decision, knowing what the government is capable of".