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One in ten people admit to never having performed an annual check-up. This is more common for the youngest Bulgarians under the age of 30.

This is according to a national survey of sociological agency "Trend" on the topic "On the attitudes of Bulgarians towards the annual preventive examinations". It was done between 2 and 9 September this year using the face-to-face interview method with 1002 citizens over 18 years of age. The data from the survey were presented at a press conference at the National Press Club of BTA in Sofia.

When asked when was the last time we had an annual check-up, 32% of respondents said they did so this year. Another 31% replied that they had undergone prophylaxis last year and 15% indicated more than two years ago. I have never been to an annual annual review 11% of respondents have responded.

The Prosecutor's Office is checking a signal for fictitious examinations by a GP

Women are more often informed about prophylactic examinations than men, explained Dimitar Ganev from sociological agency "Trend".

Untimely prevention leads to late diagnosis of diseases, said Ivan Estatiev of the Hub For Health Foundation.

He cites data from the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), which show that in 2022 a little less than 2 million Bulgarians have undergone a prophylactic annual examination. From January to the end of June this year, about a million Bulgarians went to prophylaxis.

The study also addresses the topic of how patients prefer to communicate with their GP. About 39% of respondents say that they most often contact their GP by phone for an appointment, 32% - for a consultation, 25% - for a hospital, a referral, etc. Nearly 39% of respondents note that they do not contact their GP on the phone.

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