The moon is in a waxing phase and in Aquarius until 03:19 on September 27

Emotions are often variable, difficult to predict. There is a growing need for more freedom and new things. The soul needs something more exciting, new, interesting, unusual. The mind is more open to new ideas, originality. At Luna in Aquarius begin to creep rebellious moods and protest against what is contrary to us. Surprising things can happen. People tend to commit strange, illogical actions, say shocking things, stand out from the crowd. The world is becoming unpredictable, we do not know what to expect from others, as well as from ourselves.

Tendons, veins, ankles are vulnerable. Do not run, do not walk long and do not stand for a long time. Anything you do well for your calves, ankles, and veins today is doubly beneficial. And anything that burdens these parts of the body will be more harmful than on other days. Take care of your calves, massage them with good oil. The nervous system is sensitive. Take a relaxing bath. The eyes are also vulnerable. Do not change medications and method of treatment.

After 15:40, the Moon idles until 03:19 on September 27, when it will enter the Pisces water sign.

Lunar calendar: lasts 12 lunar day until 18:08

Symbols of the day - heart, the Cup of the Grail. Colors of the day – different shades of blue – the color of the sea waves, azure blue, sky blue. The energy of the day – passive and calm externally, active internally. Meditation – heart. It is good to visit a church. This is a day when prayers are heard.

A day of love, mercy and compassion. This day predisposes to doing good, harmony and the opportunity to be at peace with ourselves. The time when wisdom can be attained, hidden knowledge can be obtained, and information drawn from higher powers. The day is not suitable for active actions, achievements and struggle, but is created only for inner spiritual work.

Physical exertion should be less. Suitable activities: stretching, yoga, qigong. Vulnerable organs are the heart and cardiovascular system. It is good to pay enough attention to these authorities.

On this day there should be no rudeness, to say offensive things. A bad attitude can remain in a person's memory for a long time and is difficult to forget. Show on this lunar day maximum gentle and warm feelings, find the positive moments in it! On the 12th lunar day, you can meet your long-awaited mate, the perfect love for you. Ideal for marriage.

It is good for bodily pleasures to take a back seat. If you do take intimacy, then sex should be as spiritual as possible. It is not so much technical skills that are important as having more love, tenderness, kindness and understanding.

A haircut at this time improves health, frees you from insults and attracts wealth.

Next is the 13th lunar day from 18:08h on September 26th to 18:36pm on September 27th

The energy flow through the chakras is intensified.