Hair Care Home Remedies: Mustard oil is beneficial for hair.

White Hair Remedies: In today's time, hair whitening has become a problem that children are also struggling with. At one time, the whiteness of hair was in the symptoms of increasing age, but in today's time, due to people's lifestyle and diet, people's hair starts to turn white rapidly. To hide them, many types of hair colors and dyes are available in the market. But applying them can also damage the hair. Because the chemicals used in it do not suit people many times and it can also damage the hair. Due to this fear, many people do not use hair color and dye available in the market. If you are also troubled by the white hair and want to make it naturally black, then we have a desi recipe for this.

Mustard oil is good for hair. The elements found in it helped to make the hair black, dense, long and strong. Even in ancient times, our grandmothers used to apply this oil on the hair. Today we will tell you how to make some things by mixing it with this oil. This oil is so effective that it will also help to darken your hair naturally and strengthen the hair. So let's know how to make this oil.

Homemade oil to darken hair

To make this oil, you need a bowl of mustard oil. One leaf of aloe vera, a handful of aloe vera, 2 onions of medium size, a handful of curry leaves, 1 teaspoon kalonji should be required.

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To make this oil, heat mustard oil in an iron pan and mix all the things in it and let it heat for 10-15 minutes. Then put it in an iron pan to cool. After cooling, filter the oil and remove it. Now apply this oil on the roots and scalp of the hair and massage it slowly. Apply well from the roots to the ends of the hair. If you want, you can also leave the oil in the hair overnight. Or wash the hair after 2 hours. The things used in making this oil help to make the hair black, dense and strong. For better results, apply this oil on the hair 2 times a week. You will start seeing the effect in a few days.

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