Funny Langur Video: Videos related to monkeys often appear on social media, some of which are shocking, some laugh and laugh. Recently, a similar video is attracting people's attention, in which a langur is seen running a computer inside an office, seeing which you will not be able to control your laughter. Some users who have seen the video are enjoying it fiercely. Although you must have seen many videos related to monkeys and langur, but this recently viral video is definitely amazing.

This video viral on social media platform Instagram is being seen and liked a lot. In this video going viral, a langur is seen running a computer in the railway office. Looking at him, it seems as if he is handling a strong task. In the video, Langur is trying to type something from the keyboard, which made the people present there laugh. People who have seen the video are enjoying it by saying, "Brother, he has taken out a government job, it is amazing."

Watch the video here:

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This video has been shared on Instagram with an account named the_heavy_locopilot. While sharing the video, the caption reads, 'New appointment in railway service', this video has been seen by more than 12 million people so far, while more than 7 lakh 14 thousand people have liked this video. However, it has not been confirmed when and where this video is from. Users are giving different reactions to the video. One user wrote, 'And here we are thinking that AI will take our jobs'.