Even Jawan and Pathan could not collide with south superstars

Special things

  • Jawan and Pathan earned Rs 1000 crore
  • Shah Rukh Khan's films worth Rs 2,000 crore a year
  • Still could not break this record of South
New Delhi:

There was a time when there was only one measure of the success of the film. That is, whether the film is a hit or a flop. After this, there was a time when the film's earnings figures became a measure of its success. Especially when the film entered the club of hundred crores, two hundred crores to five hundred crores, then it started getting tags like hit, super hit. Now a record has been added to this race, that is, how many crores of rupees the film earned in how much time is also being assessed. Surprisingly, despite being a big film industry, Bollywood lags behind Tollywood movies in this matter. Shah Rukh Khan, despite being the King of Bollywood, could not collide with the South.

Fastest ₹1000 crores grossing Indian films.

1. Bahubali 2 - 10 days.
2. RRR - 16 days.
3. KGF 2 - 16 days.
4. Jawan - 18 days.
5. Pathan - 27 days.

South films ruling top 3.

— LetsCinema (@letscinema) September 24, 2023

In this case, Shah Rukh Khan's films Pathan and Jawan, released this year, have shown great work. Both these films were tremendous hits at the box office. Both films have earned thousands of crores. Now you also know which film has touched this huge figure of earnings in how many days. Shah Rukh Khan's film Jawan earned Rs 18 27 crore in <> days, while Pathan took <> days to earn Rs <>,<> crore. These figures have been tweeted by a Twitter account named Let's Cinema.

Shah Rukh Khan is the undisputed king of Bollywood. But when it comes to South cinema, his dominance also fades. Two of his films may be included in the thousand crore club. But the record of joining this club is the fastest in the name of South Indian films. Bahubali 2 managed to earn one thousand crore rupees in just ten days. RRR and KGF 2 touched this figure in 16 days. After this, the number of jawans and then Pathan comes.