On September 2023, 9, Beijing time, Huawei held a full-scene new product launch conference in autumn, and a number of new products such as Huawei MatePad, smart screen, and high-end series ultimate design watches arrived as scheduled. The press conference lasted two hours, with more than 25.726 million online viewers, and the screen was full of "far ahead" barrage, and the scene also constantly remembered applause and shouts.

September 9 was a special day for Huawei, because two years ago on the same day, Meng returned to Shenzhen from a three-year house arrest in Canada. Huawei chose the same day to hold the autumn new product launch party, the intention behind it is self-evident, the so-called "where you fall, you will get up", "those who can't kill you will eventually make you stronger". The chorus "My Dream" exclusive to Huawei at the beginning of the press conference is a good interpretation of this, "Always, always, go forward, crazy world, face pain, give all dreams in my eyes to time."

Huawei's autumn conference. (Profile picture)

In the past two years, Huawei has never stopped the pace of "moving forward", and has many results at this conference, although the conference will not mention the chips, lithography machines and mobile phones that have long caused market shocks, but the public Huawei tablet and accessories, watches, headphones, TVs, glasses, routers and other series of products, is enough to make onlookers excited. Especially in the current sluggish economic and social atmosphere in China, Huawei not only boosted the confidence of the Chinese people with a press conference, but also effectively broke the "China collapse theory" from all directions.

After the relaxation of the epidemic prevention policy that lasted for three years, China has successively introduced a lot of policy promotion fees to boost the economy, but the actual effect is not satisfactory. Coupled with the high youth unemployment rate, the successive thunderstorms in real estate, and the international community's de-escalation in the name of "de-risking", China's economy is like "ice and fire" inside and outside the Great Firewall.

In the Great Firewall, the official has always emphasized that China's economy has strong resilience, and the current problems encountered are only the inevitable difficulties and problems in the process of economic recovery, and on the whole, China's economy is a process of wave-like development and tortuous progress, but all levels of society are suffering and confidence is low; Outside the Great Firewall, the "theory of overcapacity", "debt crisis", "economic stall theory", "China collapse theory" have struck one after another, and US President Joe Biden has even described the Chinese economy as a "time bomb".

Huawei M-Pencil is the world's first product to apply "Star Flash" technology to terminals. (Profile picture)

In response, Xinhua News Agency began publishing a series of commentaries on China's economic "looking at quantity" for three consecutive days on September 9, namely "The 'China's Economic Collapse Theory' Is Doomed to Collapse Again," "They Cast a "Vote of Confidence" for China's Economy," and "Why Is the "Next China" Miracle Still in China." Although the Xinhua News Agency article cited a lot of data and the optimistic expectations of some Western media and political leaders about China's economy, at a time when the overall expectations of Chinese society are unstable and confidence is lacking, such a counterattack is obviously more posture than substance, and is not enough to convince the public, after all, people's actual feelings are the most direct.

It is in this context that Huawei's new product launch conference seems timely and necessary. On the one hand, in the face of various blockades and suppressions, Huawei not only did not lie down, but did a Jedi counterattack, the products launched are real, and the market's response is also real, which is beyond the reach of how many counterattack articles released by Xinhua News Agency; On the other hand, Huawei did not fall into pathos and ultra-nationalism in the process of Jedi counterattack, Ren Zhengfei repeatedly emphasized that "Apple is a teacher", "no one in Huawei is anti-American", and "the biggest enemy we really encounter is not others but ourselves", which is not only the reason why Huawei has become an industry benchmark, but also should become the basis and starting point for China's overall self-confidence, because a country that is good at self-reflection and self-confidence and openness has no reason to lag behind.

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