A fatal traffic accident occurred in Tai Wai. At 26:8 a.m. today (45th), a tourist bus was driving along Tai Wai Jiyun Street to the junction of Mei Tin Road and hit an old man wearing slippers. The subject fell to the ground and suffered a wound to the pelvis, and was sent to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin for rescue in a coma, but he died.

As seen at the scene, the location of the accident was a pedestrian bridge, and there was a pedestrian crossing about 50 meters away. The tour bus involved was a shuttle bus for Hong Kong Airlines staff who was picking up employees to work at the time. Mr. Tse was one of the passengers, who was responsible for teaching flight attendants first aid and got out of the car to assist when he learned that he had hit a passerby. He described the speed of the car as "slow" at that time, and pointed out that the owner abandoned the footbridge and crossed Ji Yun Street to Hoi Fu Garden at Tai Wai Station, during which he was hit by a tourist bus and lay on the side of the road.

The deceased, surnamed Hu, was 86 years old and lived in Sun Tsui Estate, Tai Wai; The driver's surname is Liang, 54 years old. It is reported that Hu Weng stepped out of the road, the driver did not notice, so he hit it, so he immediately called the police. The driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving that led to the death of another person.


On the second day of succession, there was a car accident involving the death of an elderly

Yesterday (25th) at about 3:23 p.m., a special line minibus was driving along Fanling and Tai Street towards Wo Mu Road, and during the right turn into Wo Mu Road, it hit an 80-year-old woman surnamed Ling, she was seriously injured in her leg, she was still conscious at first, and then fell into a coma, and was sent by ambulance to the North District Hospital for rescue, but it was delayed to 4:09 p.m., and finally died. After the incident, a large pool of blood stains was left at the scene, and the 66-year-old male driver surnamed Wu was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving that led to the death of others.


The driver of the minibus involved was present to assist in the investigation, and was later arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving that led to the death of another person. (Photo by Wang Yiyang)

After being hit, the old woman suffered serious injuries to her foot and fell to the ground. (Tam Chun Lok / Friends of North District)

Life-threatening car accident|Fanling octogenarian woman hit a minibus, died after being sent to the hospital for rescue, and the driver was arrested for dangerous driving