Dark spot removal tips: If you apply this remedy once a week, then your face will remain tight.

Boiled rice face pack: Nowadays there is a lot of craze for Korean beauty hacks among the youth. People are following his hacks a lot, especially skin care. In fact, the skin of Korean girls and boys is as shiny and spotless as glass, which is why everyone wants to get glassy skin like them. Looking at the growing craze of Korean skin, today we are going to tell you their most popular recipe. Let us tell you that people here use rice in different ways to improve hair or face. In this article, we are going to tell you about making a face pack of cooked rice. So let's know without delay.

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Cooked rice face pack

- Take 02 teaspoons of cooked rice in a bowl, then mix 02 teaspoons of raw milk and 01 teaspoon honey in it and make a paste well. Then apply it well from face to neck with the help of a face pack brush. You have to keep this pack for 10 minutes. After this, clean the face thoroughly with clean water. After this, dry the face with a cotton towel with a light hand and apply moisturizer.

If you apply this remedy once a week, then your face will remain tight. There will be no problem of wrinkles, stains and fine lines. At the same time, if you have tanning due to sunburn, then this pack is a panacea for your skin. People who are over the age of 30 should definitely adopt this recipe.

In fact, rice is beneficial for the skin because nutrients like amino acids, anti-oxidants and minerals found in it are helpful in slowing down the aging process. At the same time, raw milk has cleansing properties that remove dead cells from the skin and make the face shiny as well as maintain moisture on the skin.

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