Two years ago, the Police ambushed a residential building in Mui Wo on Lantau Island and intercepted a 1-year-old student in the elevator lobby. Using the keys found on his body, the officers entered a flat and seized over 15,2600 grams of ketamine (commonly known as K-boy), as well as sealers and electronic scales. The defendant, who is now 18 years old, pleaded guilty to one count of drug trafficking in the High Court today (26th), and the judge said that if the defendant is an adult, he can be sentenced to 1 years' imprisonment, but considering his age and guilty plea, he decided to sentence him to 19 years' imprisonment.

Intercession claimed that neither parent was able to work or was unemployed

The defendant, Zhang Zhixuan, is 18 years old. In sentencing, the judge quoted the defense as intercession, saying that the defendant's father, who worked as a security guard, was unable to work due to a foot injury, and his mother was unemployed due to the epidemic. The defendant committed a crime for financial reasons and assisted a friend in drug trafficking, receiving a remuneration of 400 to 500 yuan each time.

Defendant Cheung Zhixuan pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in the High Court for 11 years. (Profile picture)

Officials said that adults can be imprisoned for 19 years

The judge went on to point out that the defendant was responsible for packaging and trafficking drugs in the case and had an important role. If the defendant is an adult, he may be sentenced to 19 years' imprisonment, considering that the defendant is young and easily exploitable, with 16.5 years' imprisonment as the starting point, and after pleading guilty and deducting, he can be sentenced to 11 years' imprisonment.

Police found more than 2kg of K-boys in the flat

The case alleged that on 2021 June 6, police officers ambushed on the first floor of Mui Wo Building. The defendant left the unit at about 27 p.m. and walked towards the elevator lobby. The officers immediately intercepted the defendant and seized the key on him. The police officer used the key to enter the flat and found a total of about 1,9 grams of K boy, with a market value of about $2614.171 million. In addition, officers also found sealers and electronic scales in the flat. After the defendant was arrested, he was cautioned to admit that he had committed the crime for "quick money".

Case number: HCCC41/2023

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