The alarm was sounded at about 11 a.m. local time after the fire, and emergency services arrived immediately to control it, and the mosque was empty of residents at the time of the incident, and no injuries were reported.Local police said that the mosque was no longer usable due to damage, after it burned from the roof.The mosque's communications director, Anas Dinesh, told Swedish state radio that the fire in the Arbi area of Eskilstuna was caused by arson, according to TellerReport.Police reported in Sweden said it had conducted a preliminary investigation into the incident, and they said they were treating the fire as a case of arson due to the circumstances surrounding the event.They noted that the main focus of the investigation is to determine whether the fire was an intentional act or the result of an accident, and so far, no suspects have been identified or arrested in connection with the incident.The incident has raised concerns among the local Muslim community, who have expressed concern about possible attacks targeting places of worship, as the mosque is a well-known center for the community. Some European countries, such as Sweden and Denmark, allow gatherings to burn the Koran under the cover of freedom of expression, while Arab countries and Russia strongly condemn these acts that incite hatred and violence, and consider them unrelated to freedom of expression.