Today, September 25, representatives of all zodiac signs cannot squander money, but it is especially undesirable for three of them to throw money down the drain.


Geminis can rarely refrain from spending, especially if they get to large shopping centers: they usually buy a bunch of things, a good half of which they do not need at all. Today, such a waste is a categorical taboo for them, otherwise everything purchased will gather dust on the shelves, or even go to the trash.


Sagittarius, as soon as they have any money in their pocket, immediately want to spend it: it seems to them that everything that falls on their eyes is now absolutely necessary. In fact, this is not the case, but the representatives of the sign, as they say, have no brakes, so first they spend money, and then – like today – they regret that they threw it to the wind.


Aquarians are distinguished by their ability to choose things and spend money wisely, but from time to time they fall into financial frenzy, buying something very expensive and completely unnecessary, which they do not know how to get rid of. Since such a story can happen today, the representatives of the sign need to "measure" seven times before cutting – that is, buying.