This girl standing with Salman Khan is a superstar

New Delhi:

Do you remember Veer Zara's cute shabbo, who leaves no stone unturned to maintain friendship, or Reena Malhotra of Baghban, who is a mean daughter-in-law? Whatever the character, Divya Dutta left no stone unturned to bring life to it. She looked fit in every role. This vivavalist actress is as famous in Hindi films as her name is dominated in Punjabi films. Divya Dutta, who is seen playing on screen, is celebrating her 46th birthday. But till date, they have not tied the knot. There is also a secret behind this. An old photo of Divya Dutta with Salman Khan is going viral.

Divya's heart breaks with engagement

Divya Dutta also fell in love with someone. Although Divya Dutta never disclosed the person, but there were reports that Divya Dutta was so serious about that person that she had even got engaged. But in the distance from engagement to marriage, the distance between some things increased so much that Divya Dutta broke the engagement. After which they have not yet tied the knot. An incomplete relationship is considered to be the reason for this.

Mother's courage saved her life

There are some interesting stories of Divya Dutta related to childhood, which Divya Dutta herself has written in her book. Her mother, a government doctor, received a letter one day that her children would be kidnapped. In order to save his children, he was asked to bring the ransom money to a certain place in the letter. His mother acted courageously and informed the police. After which the police and mother not only caught the kidnappers red-handed with full planning but also saved the lives of Divya Dutta and her brother.