The moon is in a waxing phase and in Aquarius from 02:31 to 03:19 on September 27

The moon in Aquarius brings various surprises. The actions and behaviors of others, as well as our own, can be quite unexpected and unusual. It is practically useless to rely on reason. People become more sensitive and nervous. Rebellious sentiments and protests may be made against what is repugnant or considered unjust. The soul needs something more exciting, new, interesting, unusual.

Tendons, veins, ankles are vulnerable. The nervous system is sensitive. Do not run, do not walk for a long time or stand for a long time. The eyes are also vulnerable. Do not change medications and method of treatment.

Lunar calendar: lasts 11 lunar day until 17:34

The symbol is the Fire Sword, the Crown and the Labyrinth. The energy called the Kundalini or Snake Power awakens. The lunar energy merges with the forces of the Earth on this day in one whole and gives a person a lot of energy. It awakens in him a great power that must be directed only to creation. A person feels full of strength, self-confidence, enthusiasm and desires for action. Passivity and a sedentary lifestyle are not recommended, but overloading yourself is inappropriate.

Do not engage in risky activities. Now only such deeds can be started, which require complete physical and mental dedication. Be cautious and careful in all actions. Everything you start doing today, you have to follow. The process cannot be interrupted. So don't jump into something with a vague ending, just do the things you know. It is better not to be too active, but to try to calm down.

Diseases started during the 11th lunar day are severe and prolonged. They are difficult to treat. This mainly affects women. Any medical intervention due to unpleasant consequences should be especially careful and minimal.

Purify yourself on all levels - physical, mental and astral. During the 11th lunar day, cleansing procedures for the home and body are recommended. Effective cleansing can not only physically, but also at a spiritual level by reading prayers, mantras.

The energy in this lunar day is not only creative, but also aggressive. It's a dangerous time for relationships. Avoid disputes and scandals. It is unclear which action might lead to what. Even an innocent word can cause fits of anger. Reactions are unpredictable.

Make love for pleasure, do not contain emotions. Sex only by mutual desire, not by obligation or to wean the number. Otherwise, you risk worsening your health and not getting any satisfaction.

In this period, you can get a haircut, and if you did not have such intentions, then trim your hair at least a millimeter. This will release excess negative energy.

Next is the 12th lunar day from 17:34h on September 25th to 18:08pm on September 26th

A day of mercy and compassion, which includes the cosmic energy of love. This day predisposes to doing good, harmony and the opportunity to be at peace with ourselves.