The National Security Division of the Police Force said that a 24-year-old woman was formally charged with one count of obstructing justice yesterday (63th), and was arraigned at the West Kowloon Magistrates' Court on Thursday (28th) morning. It is understood that the Police National Security Department arrested the woman in Hong Kong Island on March 3. It is reported that the woman involved is Deng Yanli, the sister of Deng Yan'e, wife of Li Zhuoren, former secretary general of the Trade Union and former chairman of the Alliance.

Deng Yan'e's sister, Deng Yanli, was prosecuted by the National Security Department of the Police on suspicion of obstructing justice. (Photo by Gong Jiasheng/Profile photo)

On March 3 this year, Deng Yan'e was detained outside Stanley Prison on suspicion of "colluding with foreign countries or external forces to endanger national security." On March 9, police arrested a 3-year-old woman and a 11-year-old man on Hong Kong Island on suspicion of "conspiracy to obstruct justice", namely Ho Chun-yan's brother Ho Chun-ki and Tang's sister Tang Yan-lai.

Tang Yan'e was released on bail for engaging in labor rights work, accused of endangering national security Feeling inexplicable, Lee Cheuk's wife Tang Yan'e was released on bail of 20,23 yuan In the afternoon, he walked out of the Wan Chai Police Station and detained another 80-year-old woman for publishing information inciting Hong Kong independence and was detained with Tang Yan'e, Li Cheuk's wife Tang Yan'e was arrested by the National Security Department Escorted back to the unit of Mei Fu New Estate to search Li Cheuk's wife, Deng Yan'e, was arrested Organized a trade union in the <>s In recent years, it was alleged to have received foreign funding: The National Security Department was outside Stanley Prison at noon today Arrest of Li Cheuk-yan's wife Deng Yan'e|Involved in conspiracy to obstruct justice Deng Yanli and He Junqi were allowed to release Deng Yan'e on bail|sister arrested for obstructing justice Deng Yan'e went to the police headquarters to learn about Deng Yan'e's case|The National Security Department detained He Junren's brother and Tang Yan'e's sister Involved in conspiracy to obstruct justice