Cryptocurrency trading platform JPEX was involved in a fraud case, and the police have so far arrested 11 people and asked the telecom to block JPEX websites and applications. "Hong Kong 01" found that four cryptocurrency money changer websites involved in the case or that had promoted JPEX were also unable to enter normally, and needed to use a VPN to "circumvent the wall", suspected to have been blocked by the police."
In addition, through various searches, the reporter combed through the network of JPEX-related cryptocurrency money changers, and found that the relationship between some money changers was complicated, and the Internet celebrities who claimed to be the founders did not appear on the registration documents, and there were shareholders and directors behind them, among which the money changers were suspected of involving the owner of a modeling company.

Cryptocurrency Investigative Report・Page|JPEX involved in fraud Lin Zuo, Chen Yi and other currency circle Internet celebrities were arrested

▼Cryptocurrency money changer website that requires a VPN to log in▼

Last Wednesday (20th), the Police notified telecommunications licensees through the Communications Authority on the grounds that there was reason to believe that JPEX was a "scam" to prevent the JPEX website from transmitting fraudulent messages, and local users could not log in to the relevant websites.

4. The website of the cryptocurrency money changer is suspected to be blocked and needs to be logged in through VPN

"Hong Kong 01" found that in addition to the JPEX website, the websites of four cryptocurrency money changers "Chan Tai Yee Cryptocurrency Money Changer", "Crypto Leopard", "Coingaroo" and "Coiner" are currently inaccessible normally, and they need to enter the website through a virtual private network (VPN), which is suspected to have been "blocked" by the police. "Hong Kong 01" is in the process of enquiring with the police about this.

The network of cryptocurrency money changers related to JPEX is huge, and the reporter found that the relationship between some money changers is complicated through various search and combing events.

Cryptocurrency analyst and founder of Hong Coin - KOL "Dongji (Cai Xiaodong)".

"Hong Coin Talk", which has promoted JPEX and its cryptocurrency "JPC", was searched by the police last Monday (18th) at its Kennedy Town Clubhouse.

The KOL "East Kee" is not a director or shareholder of the company

Cai Xiaodong, the founder of "Hong Coin", often advertises his "inspirational story" of investing in cryptocurrencies and earning more than 100 million yuan, but there is no trace of him on the registration documents related to operation. Hong Coin Crypto Limited, a business registration and related company of "Hong Coin", is held by "Wong Yuen Ting" and "Cheng Ching Wai" respectively.

Last year, Hong Coin launched the online game show "All People Lin Bao", announcing that it would give away famous cars to the winners. During the promotion of the show, the vehicle involved was owned by Tsai Xiaodong's "Tung Chill Limited".

"Hong Coin" has launched the online game show "All People Lin Bao", giving away a HK$300 million Lam Po Keni supercar.

▼On September 9, police searched the "East Tung Club" in Kennedy Town


The trademark "Hong Coin" belongs to the owner of the modeling agency

The reporter traced and found that "Hong Coin" is suspected to be related to people in the entertainment industry, and the trademark is held by the owner of the modeling agency "Wu Chengjun Ng Shing Chun Ray", and the address is the same as its modeling agency "Model Genesis". According to the Intellectual Property Department, the service description of "Hong Coin" mentions cryptocurrencies and provides software for purchasing virtual currencies. Ng also holds two other trademarks "Hong Koin".

The reporter asked Wu Chengjun's company, and the staff said that Wu would not accept the interview and refused to respond to the incident.

"Ng Ching Chun Ray" holds the trademark "Hong Coin" and has a registered address in Ng Chengjun's modeling agency. (Photo by Li Yinglin)

Another money changer, "CryptoPARD", has not been searched by the police, but since the JPEX accident, the Tsim Sha Tsui branch has not opened its doors. Looking through the information, the founder and CEO Chen Xiaolong announced by the platform did not appear in any registration documents.

The "Crypto Leopard" company, trademarks and sports cars are not owned by the founder

The business registration of "Leopard" is held by "Li Ka Lun", who also serves as a director of two other suspected affiliates, Pard Business Academy Group Limited and Red Shot Business Academy Limited.

In November last year, a pink sports car bearing the trademark "Crypto Leopard" was locked in Sha Tin City One, and founder Chan Xiaolong (right) made a high-profile announcement to the media to attend the event. (Profile photo/Photo by Au Ka Lok)

After holding the Crypto Leopard's trademark "Apollo Global Treasure Limited" and suspected related companies "Cryptopard Co Limited" and "BlockHUBZ Entertainment Group Limited", Lee Ka-lin resigned as directors in August this year and reappointed Taiwanese Niu Gengsheng.

The pink sports car bearing the "Leopard" logo was locked in Sha Tin City One in November last year, attracting public attention. The vehicle is owned by Billion International (Hong Kong) Limited, which is owned by insurance broker Lo Chun Heng and its shareholder is Lui Guanchen.

Unicoin, a money changer that also advertised JPEX, said after the SFC warned JPEX by name, that it temporarily suspended cooperation with unlicensed exchanges and would no longer carry out any publicity and promotion activities related to unlicensed exchanges.

Looking through the information, the owners of "Unicoin" declared that "Katrina Ho" and "Ling Tam" are not on any registration documents, and the director of the related company "Rose And Shield Digital Limited" is "Cheng Chun Ming Eric".

▼On September 9, Internet celebrity Chen Yi was arrested▼

Other cryptocurrency money changers have a relatively simple structure, directly owned by influencers or arrested persons. The "Chan Dayi Cryptocurrency Money Changing Shop CYOTC" opened by arrested Internet celebrity Chen Yi holds two business registrations of the same name, which are held by a person named "Cai Xinyi" and Chen Kaiyi, one of the arrested persons in the JPEX case.

On September 9, after being arrested in the JPEX version, the Internet celebrity Lin was escorted to the Central office for search. (Profile photo/Photo by Xia Jialang)

▼On September 9th, "Lin Zuo Speculation" surrendered the lease of the office of Central Entertainment Bank▼


"Lin Zuo Coin Speculation" has no registration record

Lin Zuo, who was also arrested, did not have any registration for his "Lin Zuo Coin Speculation", but the "Lin Zuo Station Co., Ltd." marked on the water plate of the Ring Entertainment Company, which was owned by Lin Zuo alone and claimed to be engaged in the trading of second-hand designer handbags and clothing.

Bored Garden, a restaurant and cryptocurrency changer owned by another arrestee, Beatbox artist Wong Ho Pong (dR.X), is owned by Ape Man Food Group Limited, with Wong Ho Pong as a director and shareholder and Lin Ziyang as the other shareholder. Chu Ka Fai (Chu Gongzi), who was arrested on the same day, also owned KT Club Limited.

▼September 9 Police search Tuen Mun branch of "Coingaroo"


▼September 9 Police search "Coingaroo" Causeway Bay branch

As for the money changer "Coingaroo", which was searched by the police, its trademark is held by "KANGAROOSS GALLERY LIMITED" and its director and shareholder is "Lo Kai Tai". Lo also holds Kangarooss Limited, a suspected related company of "Coingaroo", with the same registered address as the Mong Kok head office.

▼On September 9, Police searched "Coiner" branches in Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui▼


Another branch of "Coiner" was raided by the police, and its related companies "Hong Kong Corner Space Limited", "Coiner Art Gallery Limited", "Corner Technology Limited" and "Corner Marketing Communication Limited" were all owned by the online KOL "Ng Hoi Yee" (also known as Mrs. and Priscilla Ng) is held by one person.

▼September 9 JPEX police arrest operation▼


▼On September 9, the police confessed the JPEX case▼

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