The model shone at the Dolce Gabbana fashion show, where she appeared almost in her underwear.

Ashley Graham / Photo: Associated Press

Graham also walked the runway at the Karoline Vitto show, showing one of the looks of the spring-summer 2024 collection.

Ashley walked the runway in a black ensemble consisting of a knitted bust, under which was a white top and a sheer maxi skirt. Graham was wearing black heeled sandals. The model's brown hair was loose and flowing in light waves, and she wore makeup in warm shades on her face.

Ashley Graham / Photo: Getty Images

Recall that Ashley and her husband Justin are raising three sons. In the spring of 2023, Justin underwent a vasectomy (a surgical operation in which a ligation or removal of a fragment of the vas deferens is performed). Graham opened up about it on the Milk Drunk by Bobbie podcast:

"Now he's shooting blanks. I don't have to take pills, thank God. For men, it's so easy. This is true. Justin went shopping with me right after the procedure. He wasn't in bed," Graham said.

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin / Photo: Associated Press