There will be a big twist in Anupamaa

New Delhi:

Star Plus show Anupamaa is going to have a big storm in the coming days. Listening to the planning of the makers will also shake your mind. Because the lead couple of this show i.e. Anuj and Anupama are going to be separated. Anupama will get a big pain in her life and Anuj Kapadia will be responsible for this pain, due to which there will be distance between the two. Just think that the mind is spinning after hearing this, so what will happen when the story comes out?

What is the plan of the makers?

Now the track of the death of Samar i.e. Anupama's younger beloved son is going to run in the show. It will be shown that Samar dies and the cause of this death will be Anuj Kapadia. Something will happen that Samar's life will be because of Anuj... Vanraj will accuse Anuj of Samar's death. When Anupama comes to know about this, she will be badly broken.

This will be the turning point of this show because after this Anupama Kapadia will decide to leave the mansion and stay in Shah House. On the other hand, Anuj Kapadia will feel guilty when he is accused of Samar's death. Now on one hand Anuj will be shown suffering, on the other hand Anupama will also be confused... On the one hand, she lost her son and her death was blamed on her husband, whom she loves very much. It remains to be seen what the show makers are thinking of doing next. Perhaps Anuj is preparing for a leap by removing Anupama.