Water is the most obsessive element of freedom, out of all four elements, and it seems that this virtue is the reason that the strongest element erected it, and the most correct argument, so that it is impossible to lock it in a bottle, especially when it harmonizes and equalizes in what we call Sila, as proved by the experience of the desert, which was credited with recommending this name, because the torrent in the reality of urbanization impersonates another identity, with other laws, namely: River! Because the river, in its course, is permanent, but the torrent depends on the excess quantity of seasonal relief, to gather, borrowing its size from the paths of the heights, and it flows as soon as the space narrows in it, to transform, in our logic, a torrent, and for this reason it is: my time! And this temporal tendency is what fails us, because we translate it, inspired by our inactivity, into another word, which is: eternal, so we treat the valleys, dug with plows of torrents through time, and we use them as commons, we have the right to exploit it as a void land, we cultivate it, and sometimes even take it as a place, just because the controversy has dominated for years, and then we denounce that we suddenly witness the onslaught of the genie, returning from his exile, in a flood that is a torrent, unless he crosses the threshold of the limit, to turn into a flood, if he persists and straightens up in what is the greatest authority, it is, in concept, a flood, to achieve, As such, a mythical essence, we inherited it, in all the sacred texts, as a retribution borrowing a nihilistic identity: the resurrection! This is the unseen Prophet, who we used to commit follies, so we go with the intention of taming him, to establish dams on his way as an obstacle that prevents his identification in the seas, as the warehouse, charged with storing the planet's water in the earth, and the people of the deserts are the only ones who know of all nations what it can mean to try to suppress the will of the torrent, by placing dams in its way, with the intention of storing water, to exploit it for various purposes, the torrent was never concerned with it, and for this reason the people of the desert perish thirstily, but they do not break into its sanctity on earth, to change the He put what the Sahara has chosen in its constitutions, because they are sure that any interference in the affairs of nature is not a sin against the Sahara alone, but a blasphemy that is reprehensible against the law of the whole universe, a certainty that has known its way to the ethics of the Saharan man, who does not dare to modify anything in the reality of the land, but finds sacrifices in order to keep pace with what nature imposes, which has chosen him to make him a home in its body. The first letter in the alphabet of this law is to be careful to cross the valleys, which were once nothing but the houses of the side of the torrent, which he abandoned not to abandon them, but to return to them when the time comes, that is, the prohibition of staying overnight in the stream, at the bottom of the valley, inhabited by the spirit of a mard named the torrent, who no one knows when he likes to invade, and experience has always proven that he has always failed everyone who believed in him, and committed the sin of staying overnight in his crossing, and how many times have we woken up, when we were children, to the roar of The rushing water at the bottom of the valley, to sweep away the cattle at night, surprises us to witness a flood of this power, without hearing the roar of thunder, and we did not see clouds or lightning, to live the reality of a dream, before parents teach us that the desert is also a playful luscure, who likes to find her followers with surprises, so she descends her relief in the farthest land, on the tops of the legendary Mount Nafusa, on a dark night, to give our thirsty pastures, a generous share of its precious treasure treasury, as a reward for us for our patience on the drought Amada may take in some Sometimes generations. From childhood experience, we also borrowed the lesson that it is necessary to cross, crossing the valleys specifically, casually, that is, in the language of the people definitely, not extended, not lengthy, to the extent that this tendency has become a virtuous example inherited by the successor from the predecessor, to find it still a bright fact in the language of the people, to inherit it in the meaning of the names of some major tribes in the Sahara of the Great Desert, such as «Azgar», which was a sultanate until recently, or «Ahajar», which was also a sultanate for its historical power, which are concepts that indicate the tendency of this Cutting the valleys casually, to carry another connotation that praises the spirit of asceticism inherent in the moral nature of the people, and if we diagnose these two names, we will discover that the meaning is borrowed from the concept of crossing: crossing not by tracing the stream, dug at the bottom of the valley, but crossing as a rebellion, to follow the valley sprains, but the noblest crossing, the better crossing, the fairer crossing, the crossing that befits the knights.It is definitely crossing, crossing accidentally, that is, abandoning the paved, safe, reliable road, so that it becomes the trap of the vulnerable, or the trap of the group that likes to sing a commandment: "This is how we found our fathers doing!" , to commit, with this mentality, sins against themselves, and against the land that destroyed them, and trained them to cross casually by climbing the slopes to inhale the identities of the highest, they failed it when they resigned, when they succumbed to the temptation of the stream, they did not guarantee the treachery of the torrent, which always surprised them, not only plundering the cattle as an offering this time, but he refuses only to plunder them themselves, so that they may turn into the offering!

If treating the valley bed as a sanctuary, as a temple, as a prayer mihrab, crossing it is a desecration of the sanctity of the soul of the Imam of Marada, called Silla, how can war be declared against the torrent, by erecting dams in the face of this guest, who, if he possesses the imagination of the guest, does not destroy the qualities of the spectrum, coming to our reality, from the rehab of the kingdom, as a messenger who carries for us in his tenderness the furman of salvation?