The Hong Kong team temporarily won 2 golds and 5 bronzes at the Hangzhou Asian Games, and Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu, who is visiting the local area, watched a number of Hong Kong team events, including swimming, wushu, fencing, etc. He said that he was very excited about Hong Kong's 2 golds and 5 bronze results today, and pointed out that after the men's foil final, he met with Cheung Ka Lang, who won gold, thanked him for winning glory for Hong Kong, and exchanged views with other fencers.
He also said that he was very happy to watch Hong Kong athletes compete in person and see them go all out to show the extraordinary strength of Hong Kong athletes.

Mr Lee visited the Hong Kong Government's Liaison Office in Zhejiang in the morning to learn more about its work in promoting closer economic and trade relations between Zhejiang and Hong Kong and promoting people-to-people exchanges between the two places. He encouraged local colleagues to work hard to serve Hong Kong people and enterprises in Zhejiang and strive to attract talents to Hong Kong.

He exchanged dinner with the HKMA and the Olympic Committee at noon and affirmed the work of the HKMA and the Olympic Committee. He met with local Hong Kong media representatives after the men's foil final and was asked about the fact that the broadcast rights of this year's Games were won by a television station alone, that the government had not purchased the broadcast rights as in the Tokyo Olympics, and that other media coverage of the Asian Games was restricted, only reiterating that the broadcast rights of each event were decided according to the actual situation, and that the public watched the games at shopping malls or government broadcast points.

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