The industrial accident revealed by the West Underground Project of Austin Road in West Kowloon this morning (24th) claimed the lives of two sixty-year-old male workers. Among them, the deceased Guo Gangji (61 years old) is the breadwinner of the family, leaving behind a wife and children 3 people, Mrs. Guo described her husband as "doing everything", working in the company involved for more than ten years, conscientious, hoping to return them justice, "If OT will have a phone return, it is strange that it is a phone call every day." Mrs. Guo only contacted the boss of the company this morning, and the result was that she was separated from her husband forever near the Mid-Autumn Festival, "Late at night, they have returned to the whole box of mooncakes........."

The 61-year-old deceased Guo Gangji. (Courtesy of Mrs. Guo)

Mrs Kwok said that her husband, who had worked for more than 5 years as a plumber in the company involved, described her husband as "doing everything", but his main work was to open canals and fill water pipes. She pointed out that her husband usually has a lot of handover, usually comes home at about <> p.m., and if he works overtime or comes home late, he will also call to inform, but he did not go home until late yesterday. She was already disturbed and "felt that something was wrong", worried about whether he would faint during work.

Mrs. Guo continued to say that she couldn't sleep all night, always paying attention to whether there was a sound of opening the door and opening the gate; Later, I wanted to call my husband's boss to check the situation, but I couldn't find the number. Until 5 a.m. this morning, Mrs. Guo's daughter finally found the phone number of her husband's co-worker from WeChat, and then found her boss; Later, the boss said that he went to the site to check and told Guo Taixian not to call the police, and finally exposed the accident. Originally, the family spent the Mid-Autumn Festival together, but now it cannot be realized, and Guo Tai sighed, "Late night, you have returned to the whole box of mooncakes..."

Mrs. Guo said that when she arrived at the hospital, someone in the company gave 10,<> yuan for emergency use, but the family thought that "they didn't understand the matter, so they would make money quickly, so they just got their accounts." They have not been contacted until now. Mrs. Guo said that she knew that the project was a joint venture between several companies, and hoped to know who was responsible.

The deceased's son said that the site workers would usually carry heavy items with him, and his father's usual mobile phone and silver bag would be put in his waist bag and worn with a belt, and he did not understand why his personal ID card and belongings were missing, "It is a coincidence that the two (father and the other deceased) are fine, even if they fall out, they will hang a fanny bag, but they don't even have a fanny bag!" Mrs. Guo also said that she had thought of checking the scene of the incident, but the location of the site had been sealed and could not be entered, and she also pointed out that "usually they cover the phone, and they will listen to it.


Plumbers in the West Kowloon Cultural District were trapped overnight in the channel and suspected of hydrogen sulfide poisoning


Austin Industrial Accident|Two workers suspected of hydrogen sulfide poisoning Rescue situation in the pipeline exposed Austin Industrial Accident|Suspected hydrogen sulfide leakage underground 2 Workers were sent to the hospital in a coma to rescue and died of hydrogen sulfide poisoning by two male workers in Austin Industry: It feels strange to be trapped in the pipeline for more than 8 hours overnight