Next week, Cyprus will receive 70,000 new adapted COVID-19 vaccines and 80,000 flu vaccines, and the vaccination campaign for the upcoming autumn-winter season starts on October 2, the health ministry said.

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In total, more than 158,000 vaccines against the coronavirus and 170,000 seasonal flu vaccines are planned for this year's campaign in Cyprus.

The country, as a member of the European Union, has access to the latest approved COVID-19 vaccines in the quantities needed to protect vulnerable groups and tackle its spread, the health ministry stressed.

Priority groups for new doses against the coronavirus are people over 60 and patients with concomitant diseases.

In addition, anti-flu drugs are designed to protect children and teenagers.

A new milestone in this year's immunization campaign is that those wishing to administer both vaccines will be able to do so with one visit to the specialized centers of the health ministry, he said.

To better monitor possible reactions, the COVID-19 injection will be given to the left hand and the influenza injection to the right, experts explained.

Vaccination against influenza will also be carried out by GPs.

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