Joe Biden spoke during a post on the "X" platform (formerly Twitter), on Saturday night, Sunday.

"Concert tickets have become hard to get, and you (Americans) don't have to pay a surprise service fee on top of that," Biden said.

"My administration is cracking down on these unwanted fees, so you know what you're paying for upfront."

Within hours, more than 10 people on X saw Biden's post.

The public's reactions to Biden's words varied, with some agreeing with him and complaining about the appearance of additional fees while attending concerts.

But others were surprised by Biden's post, saying ordinary people couldn't afford the basics of life.

One wrote: "People can't afford groceries, so how can they afford concert tickets?"

Something that has been on Biden's mind for a long time

US President Joe Biden has repeatedly called on concert organizers to reduce ticket prices.

In early February, he called for restrictions on fees that could be placed on the souvenir prices of concerts and events, including sporting matches.

It came days after a parliamentary committee heard members raising concerns about the industry.

Biden said a proposal sent to Congress, calling on its members to pass, was to remove unwanted fees from tickets.

U.S. companies pledged early in the summer to show the tariffs, but it appears that this is not over.

These fees are charged at the end of the ticket purchase process and are not reflected in the initial price.

To bring the issue to the surface, a number of Taylor Swift concert attendees complained that they were forced to pay for much larger tickets than advertised.