In a fatal industrial accident at Dressin Road West in West (24 December), two plumbers, Kwok Gang Kee (61 years old) and Lau Ho-cheung (63 years old), died of suspected hydrogen sulfide poisoning while replacing seawater cooling pipes for the Yuan Fang air-conditioning system underground. It is reported that the two entered the pipeline at 23 a.m. yesterday (10rd), and the suspected engineering manager left without completing the safety assessment. Six hours later, the project manager had found the two missing and other engineers searched, but found the pipe locked and left. Finally, at about 6 o'clock this morning, about 7 hours after the two entered the pipeline, the tragedy was revealed.

MTR replied earlier that the incident involved the replacement of seawater cooling pipes for the shopping mall's Yuanfang air-conditioning system. It is understood that the two deceased, both with 20 years of pipeline work experience, yesterday at 10 a.m., the two carried out water pipe maintenance work at the ground of a site above, and the original working hours were from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, after the two men conducted the pipeline, they suspected that an engineering manager had left the site without completing a safety assessment.

Until about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the engineering manager turned back and disappeared from the two; At about 5 p.m., another engineer tried to find the two men, but found that the pipe had been locked, and the engineer also left. At about 11 p.m., Guo Gangji's daughter contacted her father to no avail, and it was not until 6:<> this morning that she found the contractor's engineering staff again and informed the other party that her father had lost contact overnight, and the other party realized that the situation was serious, and immediately burst the locked pipeline exit, and finally exposed the tragedy. The fire department detected that the concentration of hydrogen sulfide exceeded the standard, but the CCTV at the above site only filmed the entrance and exit of the site, and it is unknown who locked the entrance of the pipeline for the time being.

The incident occurred at about 24 am today (7th), two male workers were found fainting in an underground pipeline in the west of Austin Road, and after being sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for rescue, both were confirmed dead. It is understood that two workers were in the underground maintenance channel yesterday (23rd), but did not return overnight, and this morning (24th) the manager called the police for help. Firefighters found two subjects at a depth of 6 meters underground, about 100 to 200 meters, and the scene information said that the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the ground was high, and the deceased suspected hydrogen sulfide poisoning.

The fire department sent multiple teams of smoke caps to search for two workers, and the rescue situation in the pipeline was exposed. The underground pipeline involved is about 12 meters deep and has an endless length. The two dead were found between 100 and 200 meters of the pipeline, and by the time rescuers arrived, they showed no signs of life. Among them, the orange pipe is used for ventilation and exhaust. Looking through the data, hydrogen sulfide is the main component of biogas, and the anaerobic environment underground is easy for bacteria to produce biogas. Investigators are seeking out whether the exhaust system was functioning properly at the time of the incident.


A spokesman for the Labour Department said that he was highly concerned about the fatal work accident that occurred in Austin Road West this morning (24th), in which two workers were injured while working in an underground cooling duct and were confirmed to have died after being sent to hospital. The Labour Department was very saddened and expressed its deep condolences to his family, noting that upon learning of the accident, a staff was dispatched to the scene immediately for investigation and a "Notice of Temporary Suspension of Work" would be issued to the contractor concerned to stop any work in the cooling duct. The prescription is investigating the cause of the accident, and if the investigation reveals any irregularities, it will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

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