For almost the whole week, the gendered planets – Venus and Mars – are in harmonious interaction, but the exact aspect between them will not happen now. And this means that in the love sphere, the desired event does not happen so quickly. Do not rush things, make plans in accordance with the astrological weather – and then everything will turn out in the best way!

On September 25, retro Jupiter is in harmonious aspect with Mercury, which contributes to obtaining useful information, paperwork, and signing contracts. There is an opportunity to correctly focus your desires and needs, which will allow you to competently transform your life.

On September 29, the Full Moon in Aries at 12:57 p.m. Kyiv time contributes to achieving what you want through activity, leadership and organizational skills, and independence. By revealing leadership qualities and creativity, you can achieve tremendous success.

On Saturday and Sunday, you can solve complex problems, eliminate problems, using an extraordinary approach. In this case, a positive result will not be long in coming.

The harmonious aspect between retro Uranus and Mercury on September 30 will complete the things that began in the third decade of August 2023.

You can find more about astrology on the YouTube channel of astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova).


Heightened intuition, higher unconscious and your inner desires unite, everyday life becomes much more positive. It makes sense to pay attention to self-knowledge, work on yourself, analysis of your words and actions. The week is ideal for self-improvement, both physical, moral or intellectual. The Full Moon in your zodiac sign opens up many new opportunities for you! The end of September is auspicious for you, especially on personal matters.


A melancholic state of mind will encourage you to both introspect and analyze the people around you and what is happening around you, as a result of which you will be able to come to the right conclusions. A full day is a good time to make long-term plans and launch long-term projects. Spend the week as actively as possible, not missing all the opportunities that open up before you. The only restriction is to avoid adventures and gambling, be careful and extremely careful in financial matters.


Planetary energies during the week will energize you and encourage you to conquer new heights. Try to concentrate and direct all your efforts to the most efficient pastime, focusing on achieving results in the professional field. By the end of the week, even the most skeptical Gemini will be overwhelmed with inexplicable joy, and a good mood and a positive attitude will attract the attention of other people, especially members of the opposite sex.


The week is full of events, mostly positive. You simply have to use all the opportunities that open up in front of you with a vengeance. The harmonious aspects between the planets will help develop your mental and creative abilities to the maximum level, endow you with the ability to realize them, bestow willpower, and make you open and outspoken. It is better to devote the weekend not to a carefree pastime, but to fill them to the brim with solving all sorts of accumulated issues.


During the week, you feel a surge of vitality, concentration increases, and the ability to multitask appears. Throughout this rather favorable period, you will find confirmation of the correctness of your beliefs and ardently defend them when necessary. It's a good time to perform all the hanging professional tasks, cardinal actions in the social sphere. Your charisma and eloquence will be at their best, making it much easier for you to solve both domestic and work issues.


On the one hand, the energies of the planets will help you discover the talents hidden deeply, and on the other hand, they will torment your mind with contradictions and doubts about your own abilities. Your craving for comfort and home improvement increases. Closer to the weekend, your feet will carry you to a home appliance store, where you will discuss in detail with a consultant the pros and cons of modern engineering developments. The week is ideal for tidying up and beautifying, both in your home and in the workplace.


The Full Moon in the opposition sign and the days before and after (September 28 – 30) will irritate your perception of life to some extent, shaking your nerves and increasing your impulsivity. There is a tendency to do rash things and say rash words, and a minute later to regret their haste in trying to remedy the situation. In order not to spoil the favorable trends at the beginning of the week, it is best to spend the full moon on September 29 alone or limiting your social circle to the minimum possible.


Do not deny yourself the pleasure of running through the shops and making useful purchases, including expensive ones. The Full Moon will charge you with vigor and a desire to realize your potential. At the same time, there will be an uncontrolled rush from one hall to another, which does not allow you to finish anything you have started before. The turmoil caused by the crazy Moon in Aries can only be dealt with with a cool head, sticking to the plan and jerking yourself off when trying to switch from an unresolved issue to another.


Circumstances force you to make uncompromising decisions and cut the sincere truth to everyone, not only among your loved ones in a home atmosphere, but also to people associated with your professional activities. Your financial well-being in the near future depends on it. On the day of the full moon, it is worth forcing yourself to be softer and more attentive to the environment. If you want to maintain peace and tranquility in the family, in the field of business relations, take into account the opinions and needs of other people!


A rare opportunity will be provided in the coming days - you will finally relax and gain strength before a new interesting period. Try to go to your parents, spend time with your children or a romantic partner. You can only rejoice that you don't need to solve any important work tasks and most of the week you can lie on the couch watching movies without thinking about anything global. Also, the week is great for starting a new stage, both in personal life and in the professional sphere.


Self-confidence will become self-sufficiency, and indecision will become the ability to soberly assess the situation and carry out balanced actions. Spending a week in active communication, surrounding yourself with like-minded people and those who disagree with your opinion, will be as correct and effective as possible. You will become more tactful and polite, communication will be relaxed and fruitful, even irreconcilable parties will be able to negotiate and find an acceptable compromise. The week is also favorable for romance.


The week is especially favorable for those who are in search of a soul mate or want to significantly improve their relationship with their current partner, to achieve harmony in family life. If everything is good in your personal life, you can use this time to seek cooperation, travel abroad, advertise, and promote your business. Financial investments and mental work during this period will bring the maximum return soon, and the acquisition of new knowledge will be given without much effort.