A double corpse murder case occurred in Sau Mau Ping Estate yesterday (22nd), a pair of Pentogenarian brothers with intellectual problems, due to the deterioration of their condition and self-care ability after stopping follow-up consultation, coupled with the admission of their elderly mother to the hospital, so that the two brothers lacked care at home and were suspected of starvation to death. The HA replied to the "Hong Kong 01" enquiry that the two deceased had not been revisited by psychiatric clinics since 2018; Their mother has been admitted to Kowloon Hospital for treatment since May this year. The Bureau is saddened by the incident and will provide assistance and support to the family of the deceased, and will fully cooperate with the relevant government departments in investigating the incident.

The iron gate of the unit involved was locked with iron chains, and some incense sticks and ashes were left outside the door. (Photo by Huang Weimin)

According to the HA, the mother of the two deceased was admitted to hospital for treatment in May this year and referred to a medical social worker to assist in arranging care after discharge. She is currently in stable condition and a psychiatrist has arranged for follow-up by a psychiatrist, who will closely monitor her condition and mood changes to provide appropriate treatment and support.

The two deceased were re-examined at the Kowloon East Hospital Network Psychiatric Specialist Clinic between 2004 and 2018, which is a stable case. The two have not been seen again since February and March 2018 respectively.

A pair of fifty-year-old brothers with intellectual problems in Sau Mo Ping Estate were suspected to have starved to death at home due to the deterioration of their condition and self-care ability after stopping follow-up at an early age, coupled with the lack of care caused by their mother's hospitalization. The bodies of the two were taken to the mortuary by the servants on September 9.

The reporter of "Hong Kong 01" went to the residence of the deceased brother this morning (23rd) to learn about the situation, and the iron gate of the unit involved was locked with iron chains, and a police notice was posted, indicating that the unit was temporarily taken over by the police for investigation; Some incense sticks and ashes were left outside the door. Some neighbors said that the two deceased lived with their mother's family of three, and the mother had limited mobility and had to use crutches to enter and exit, and was admitted to the hospital a few months ago and did not appear again; The neighbor continued that the appearance of the two deceased was normal and the same, "the two brothers have a good relationship, and they hear them talking and laughing every day, and they talk and laugh with their aunt." Neighbours said they had not seen the two deceased seeking help or food from the neighbourhood in the past few months.

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