The Commercial Crime Bureau of the Police has so far arrested 11 people, including Lin Zuo, KOL "Chen Yi" and YouTuber "Chu Gongzi", while artists Cheung Chi-lin, Chuang Simin and physicist Chan Tingbang, who had promoted JPEX, also went to the Police Headquarters for investigation. Among them, Chen Dinggang has many positions, not only is a metaphysicist, but also a program host and columnist; In addition, he is quite active in the entertainment industry, and his relationship with the artist Dai Mengmeng is the most well-known. In recent years, he has run a YouTube channel that promotes cryptocurrency investment from time to time. In March this year, the Chen Ding Gang was also involved with a mysterious "rich second generation" suspected of promoting cryptocurrencies.

Metaphysicist Chen Dingbang left on September 9 after going to the police chief to assist in the investigation of the JPEX case. (Photo by Deng Haixing)

Clement, a metaphysicist known as the "Gang Master", whose real name is Chen Dingbang, is the son of Vajra Guru Chen Guoqi; In 2013, he became popular as the "Love Metaphystician" of the TVB TV program "Courtship Battle", and since then he has often appeared on TV programs, made YouTube videos to provide feng shui tips to netizens, and promoted cryptocurrency and NFT investment from time to time in recent years.

The Chen Ding Gang promotes cryptocurrencies from time to time.

Chen Dingbang once predicted that virtual currency will break through in 2024 on his personal Youtube channel, claiming that virtual currency is the future culture and the trend is irreversible, he believes that "even if it is not Bitcoin, there will be some new virtual currencies rising" and "Digital currency will become the mainstream currency." He personally chooses staking in cryptocurrencies, believing that the return is high; And remind investors to always remember that everything involves risk. He also introduced NFT products purchased by individuals.

Chen Dingbang once introduced NFT products purchased by individuals.

In March this year, the Chen Ding Gang also became involved with a mysterious "rich second generation" suspected of promoting cryptocurrencies. At that time, a new building was launched on Ho Man Tin Station, and a suspected "rich second generation" looked at the building, wearing a famous brand worth 3,10 yuan, accompanied by foreign bodyguards, visiting the demonstration unit and queuing up to select the building, which attracted attention. Later, "Hong Kong 01" received reports from people claiming to be "insiders" and obtained a video of the "rich second generation" interviewed. The man in the film denies that he is a rich second generation and claims that he got rich on cryptocurrency.

The video is a "private video" of YouTube, with an uploaded account with the same name as a company that has been established for more than a week. The company's major shareholder is Chen Dingbang, a feng shui master who has been promoting cryptocurrencies in recent years. This newspaper once asked Chen Dingbang, and Chen replied that he "does not know this person".

The suspected rich second generation appeared at Yuyi's sales factory last Saturday, crowding in the crowd waiting to pick up the building.

In addition to feng shui metaphysics and cryptocurrency investment, Chen Dingbang is familiar with people in the entertainment industry and often appears in the entertainment celebrity version. He had a relationship with Dai Mengmeng, and also developed to the stage of talking about marriage, and finally suspected that someone split his legs, so that the marriage "tart Q" and broke up. Chen Dingbang, introduced by artist Lin Shengbin, married oil painting instructor and model Yang Mangfei and had a pair of daughters; Dai Mengmeng is married to Kyle, her boyfriend outside the financial industry.

Under the introduction of artist Lin Shengbin, Chen Dingbang married oil painting instructor and model Yang Mangfei and had a pair of daughters.


At 23:<> am today (<>rd), Chen Dingbang Studio issued a solemn statement, saying that the incident had been handed over to a lawyer and did not respond; Anyone who publishes or reprints false reports will reserve the right to pursue legal action.

Chen Dingbang issued a solemn statement to the studio.

JPEX|Feng Shui Master Chen Dingbang issued a solemn statement: Reprinting false reports will retain legal prosecution JPEX case|Metaphysicist Chen Ding left after helping the police chief to investigate and said that everything was handed over to a lawyer to deal with JPEX|Lin Zuo's friend Feng Shui master Chen Ding helped the police station to assist in the investigation Alleged to have promoted the JPEX case for JPEX|News: The Police Cybercrime Bureau will try to ask social platforms to remove JPEX accounts JPEX case|As of 5 p.m. today, the police received 2265,14 reports of about <>.<> billion yuan in new projects, and the identity of the mysterious "rich second generation" was exposed Suspected cryptocurrency propaganda tricks are related to feng shui masters