The redevelopment of the Star Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui has been plagued for more than 180 years, and the Star Ferry has announced earlier that it intends to rebuild the Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Terminal to save lives. Star Ferry recently submitted a paper to the Waterfront Commission on the relaxation of the restrictions on commercial use of Central and Wan Chai Pier, including increasing the number of event days per year to 11 days, opening Central Pier to the ground floor of the building and the Wan Chai Pier Observation Deck for other commercial purposes, and suggesting that weekend markets can be held in the future to sell local agricultural products and music events to increase non-ticket revenue. The Star Ferry is also planning to hold the "Happy Winter Waterfront Carnival" in November in response to the "Happy Hong Kong Event", which is expected to attract about 22,01 visitors. The Waterfront Panel met on Friday (<>nd) to approve applications for relaxation of commercial use.
In addition, according to the briefing of the meeting, Star Ferry also revealed that it has proposed to the Government to rebuild Tsim Sha Tsui Pier and revitalize Central Pier, but the document does not explain the redevelopment plan and details, only attaches the concept map of the revitalization pier, which shows that both piers will have a public observation deck on the rooftop, and a commercial street will also be added, etc. It is understood that there was no talk of the revitalization proposal of the two piers at Friday's meeting.
"Hong Kong <>" has made inquiries to Star Ferry and others in this regard, and is waiting for a reply.

Fingertip Sha Tsui Pier has exceeded its design life for more than 65 years

Star Ferry's briefing to the Waterfront Commission stated that it had submitted a number of proposals to the Government for the revitalisation of the Star Ferry Terminal in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, including the "full redevelopment" of the more than 65-year-old Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Terminal, stressing that the pier has exceeded its design life and the facilities are aging.

Advocate the construction of an additional platform on the second floor to extend to the direction of the cultural center

The document does not mention the details of the proposed redevelopment, but according to the only attached concept map, it can be seen that the proposed plan is to rebuild the pier into a three-storey building, of which the second floor will be added to extend towards the cultural center and will be connected to the top floor of the pier, which will be equipped with a high street and a public viewing deck, and there will be a separate elevator connected to the platform; The bottom two decks are the upper and lower decks, which are where passengers embark and disembark.

Promote weekend markets in Central and Wan Chai Pier Music groups perform on the promenade

Star Ferry also proposes to reconfigure the layout reconfiguration of Central Pier and upgrade the facilities, and the redevelopment plan is also not explained in the document, but it can be seen from the concept map that the Central Pier revitalization plan also has a rooftop observation deck, which will be divided into two parts, including the Market Hall and the Food Hall; There will also be another public observation deck on the ground floor.

In addition, the paper submitted by Star Ferry also applied for the enhancement of temporary concessions for Central and Wan Chai Ferry Terminal, proposing to cooperate with non-profit-making organisations, including co-operation with farmers, to organise weekend markets to sell local homemade organic produce and traditional snacks, so that visitors can enjoy a hospitable and inclusive atmosphere; At the same time, music groups can also be invited to provide free music performances or street performances on the promenade to create a lively and lively atmosphere.

In November, the "Happy Winter Seaside Carnival" was held, and the conditions for commercial activities were relaxed

The document also mentioned that in response to the "Happy Hong Kong" campaign, the Star Ferry plans to hold the "Happy Winter Waterfront Carnival" in November, during which a number of stalls including snacks, handicrafts and music performances will be set up, which is expected to attract about 11,<> visitors per day.

In addition, the document also pointed out that although Wan Chai Pier has fewer visitors than Central Pier, its observation deck is also suitable for performances, weddings, outdoor dining events, cocktail parties, etc., and will make full use of the observation deck to attract more visitors.

However, the Star Ferry refers to the application to relax or cancel the conditions for commercial activities in accordance with the terms of the early approval of the Star Ferry to use commercial concessions, which hinder the business prospects of the Star Ferry by restricting the types and times of activities that can be held, including:

1/ Two more districts will be added from Zone 4 on the first floor of Central Pier only, including the ground floor of the Central Pier Connecting Building and the Wan Chai Pier Observation Deck, which is the first time Wan Chai Pier is open for other commercial uses

2/ Relaxation of conditions for business activities:

Increase the number of activities per designated region from no more than 24 to 60 per year

Increase the cumulative number of active days in each designated area from no more than 60 to 180 days per year

.Relaxation of restrictions on the use of designated areas on the same day, etc

Only 4 designated commercial uses can be used at a time

Star Ferry said that the company has been facing losses since 2018 and if the application for relaxation of commercial use is approved, it is expected that Star Ferry will generate additional revenue of $80,150 to $<>.<> million per year to subsidize the ferry business and attract more passengers and citizens to the waterfront area.

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