Ilona Gvozdeva showed a spectacular look at her 15th Ukraine Women Unity charity brunch at the FRANCO restaurant in Kozyn.

At the event, she appeared in a light suit from the Ukrainian brand 25 Union, which consisted of flared pants and a traditional apron with a symbolic ornament, fringe and belt.

Ilona Gvozdiova/Photo by Volodymyr Kovalenko

Gvozdeva complemented the outfit with white heeled sandals. She did beautiful styling, delicate makeup, decorated her ears with elegant earrings, her neck with a pendant on a gold chain, and her hand with a Louis Vuitton bracelet.

Ilona Gvozdiova/Photo by Volodymyr Kovalenko

At the first autumn brunch, a fundraiser in the amount of UAH 51,700 was closed, which was used to pay for a year of study for Daria from Vinnytsia, who dreams of becoming a journalist. A girl from a large family, raised by a single mother who lost her ability to work due to illness. The collected amount was also enough to help another student, future journalist Zakhar Zinenko.

Ilona Gvozdeva held the event together with TV presenter, actor and volunteer Ivan Gorodetsky.

Ilona Gvozdeva and Ivan Gorodetsky/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Singers Diana Gloster, Masha Danilova, as well as the neo-soul band Adam delighted the audience with musical gifts.

Diana Gloster/Photo by Volodymyr Kovalenko

Masha Danilova/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Adam Band/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

And the coach and master of sports in rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics Natalia Tatarintseva charmed with a beautiful pole dance.

Natalia Tatarintseva/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Competent experts presented relevant and interesting topics, which were discussed with the guests of the event.

Yuliya Pryimak and Anna Malinovska/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Alyona Yerkhova and Oleksii Dontsov/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Vyacheslav Lysenko/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Anatolii Anatolich, author and producer of the media channel "The Interviewer", spoke about the media, social media politics, and why it is very important to show and tell the world about the war in Ukraine.

Anatoliy Anatolich/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Actress Yana Smolentseva shared interesting stories about her profession and projects during the war. In particular, she spoke about how work and filming affect her children and relationship with her husband.

Yana Smolentseva/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Ivanna Slaboshpytska, editor-in-chief of Viva and producer of social projects, interviewed Natalia Tatarintseva. During the conversation, Natalia spoke about her work, the problem of socialization of professional athletes, and her relationship with her husband Yevhen Kot.

Ivanna Slaboshpytska/Photo by Volodymyr Kovalenko

Evgeny Kot and Natalia Tatarintseva/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

The institution presented the founders of the community and the organizing team with a 15-kilogram cake, which was treated to the guests of the event.

Cake from the establishment/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Anatoliy Anatolich, Ivanna Slaboshpytska, Yuliia Pryimak, Yula/Photo by Volodymyr Kovalenko

Ilona Gvozdiova, Valentyna Khamaiko, Yuliia Pryimak, Anna Malynovska/Photo by Volodymyr Kovalenko

Valentyna Khamaiko and Ilona Gvozdiova/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Olena Brynza, Ilona Gvozdiova, Lala Zuckerman/Photo by Volodymyr Kovalenko

Anastasia Tsymbalaru, Masha Danilova and Ilona Gvozdiova/Photo by Volodymyr Kovalenko

Ilona Gvozdeva and Marina Kinakh/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Guests and speakers of the brunch/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

Ilona Gvozdiova and brunch guests/Photo: Volodymyr Kovalenko

As a reminder, Ilona Gvozdiova's Ukraine Women Unity (UWU) initiative has existed for a year. During this time, the community has raised a lot of funds for the needs of the Armed Forces, cancer patients, children with disabilities, and the elderly affected by rocket attacks.