The virus is transmitted by an aerosol route along the lines of a gas moving in space. Now with the start of the school year for students, with the return of people from holidays and starting work - time is cooling and more and more people will want to spend indoors rather than outdoors. It will not be surprising that the virus will begin to be transmitted more and more and there will be more and more infected. And when there are more infected, there are more patients. This was stated in front of NOVA TV by the epidemiologist and lecturer at the London School of Tropical Medicine Dr. Petar Markov, commenting on the question whether COVID-19 is returning to Bulgaria.

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According to the doctor, a large number of people already have some immunity and it may not necessarily protect them from infection, but it will largely protect them from severe course of the disease.

"There's some in the country of vaccinated people. There are people who have already had the disease once. So the situation will not be so dramatic. But with COVID-19, immunity wears out over time, so people who haven't had a booster, who have spent the infection a long time ago, who have been vaccinated for a long time, are again at risk for a slightly more severe course." And he urged people to go get vaccinated.

Dr. Markov explained that COVID-19 differs from other viruses rather in the later phases when a person begins to deteriorate, but then it is a little late to take action.

"Antiviral agents, when taken, should be taken very early in the process. So in fact, the best way is to take a test. Anti-vaccine skepticism is completely unfounded. And if a person has already passed the infection, of course, he has immunity. But the safest, safest, easiest way to prevent severe disease remains the vaccine. And not only the vaccine, but also people who are vaccinated - they should periodically get so-called boosters, because immunity decreases over time," he said.

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