Drug cartels lease industrial buildings to cover their profile as drug packaging and distribution centres. The police launched an investigation after making a report, which resulted in the seizure of nearly 10 kilograms of drugs, with a market value of more than 170.<> million yuan, and arrested two men and women involved in the case.

Chief Inspector Regina Leung, Chief Inspector of Central District Operations, said that the Central Special Duty Unit had earlier learned through intelligence gathering that a drug cartel used industrial building units to store, pack and distribute drugs. After investigation and analysis, the team locked down a flat in an industrial building in Kwun Tong in mid-September and conducted a raid at dusk on Thursday (9st), resulting in the arrest of two men and women aged 21 and 32 respectively, who were suspected of trafficking in dangerous drugs, and found cannabis herb and other cannabis-related drugs, cash and mobile phones.

The drugs seized by the Police included 2.9 kg of cannabis herb, 2 kg of cannabis-containing cookies, 4.7 kg of cannabis sugar, 160 g of cannabis oil, 400 e-cigarettes containing cannabis oil, 210 g of psychedelic mushrooms, 60 g of cannabis essence and a small amount of poison stamps, with a market value of more than $170.<> million.

Ms Leung pointed out that the Group's modus operandi was to use factory building units as places to store and package drugs, receive orders through social media, and then arrange for drug traffickers to pick up and distribute the goods from the units, so as to bring drugs into the market. The seized drugs showed that they were clearly aimed at the young people's market, including cannabis cookies and cannabis candy, which were packaged as drugs and there were also e-cigarettes mixed with cannabis oil to conceal the public.

She believes that the operation has succeeded in disrupting an active drug distribution centre and blocking the flow of drugs into the local market. The case is still under investigation and other members of the drug cartel and the source of the drug will be traced. Two arrestees remain in custody and others cannot be ruled out.

Chief Inspector Leung Yu-ting, Chief Inspector of Operations of District Central District, and Senior Inspector Cheung Ka-chung, Head of Special Duties Unit, briefed on the case.

The Police reiterated that drug trafficking is a very serious offence punishable by up to life imprisonment under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (Cap. 134). Police appeal that drug use causes serious and long-term harm to the body; Cannabis and related products are also drugs and are regulated by relevant legislation. Members of the public, especially young people, should not underestimate the scourge of cannabis use. Parents may also pay attention to the emerging packaging of drugs to enhance their vigilance and help their children stay away from drugs.

As for the landlord, when renting the flat, you should understand the background of the tenant and the purpose of the rented unit, and if you suspect that the unit is being used for illegal activities by criminals after renting the flat, you should notify the police as soon as possible.