Salman Khan to host Bigg Boss

New Delhi:

A new promo of Bigg Boss 17 has been released. In this, the premiere date and theme of the show have been confirmed. In the new promo, Qawwali singer Salman Khan explained the theme of the show. In the narration, he is accompanied by Bigg Boss who runs the show himself. Bigg Boss and Salman together confirmed that there will be couples in this season.

Salman Khan says, "What can I tell about the heart of Bigg Boss... Bigg Boss also joins them and says... "Dunga ko ko ek minar, some will be my favorite guests." The 17th season of Bigg Boss will stream on Colors from October 15.

Colors uploaded the promo on Instagram with the caption... "Na jaane denge hoga ishq ke kitne examine... So that you can become a special guest of Bigg Boss".

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As soon as the promo was shared, it went viral and many netizens commented. One internet user wrote, "Casting is better to no fiqer". One internet user wrote, "After the end of BB OTT, I was yearning to see BB. On the other hand, rapper MC Stan became the winner of Bigg Boss 16.